This is me!

This is me.....


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    That's me mofukkers! Now u fukkers know!
  • Whiskey and Ripit got me fukk up and by the way @Sarem Chuuk and @nesian691 and @SakaSaka when R U 3 coming to visit me?
  • Dude go to sleep already. SukerSuker is in Texas, Sukem is in New York, nebitch is in saipan. Don't mind theses flakes. Go sleep. Pub!
  • Is that a dick pic??? Lmfao

    And is that a threat cuz im not even intimidated one bit! Go back to school u fool. Dont think anyones gonna be fooled by a "PIC" u dumbass. Again go back to school first @PawNStaR and take @Rastaman with u too cuz he needs it.
  • ^someone went meow! If you get it laugh along. If not oh well.
  • @nesian691 what threat? Inviting you to a visit me is not a threat but rather a invitation. All that chin whack but no swag. Look at that pic and tell me you dont want to grease my knob with your mouth. Bring Sarem along so she can watch....ever had someone tea bag you? I gladly be the first. Hail o hail o infantry.
  • @PawNStaRno swag??? Lol thats some gay shittt bro. Thats your gay shitt. Not my style. You can have Trump or your buddy @Rastaman tea bag you. Thank you lmfao
  • PS, i already gave you my it is again You know where i live today, stop by to help when u get a among real islanders busting asses to help each other out.
  • Stop when you girls are in Guam ok.....ill show you girls around.

    @nesian691 what is the matter I thought you wanted it. We open for business. ... Swag!
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  • @nesian691 I thought you wanted to play with big boys? Weren't you getting all froggy about wanting to see my face? Now you lost your hop? What's the matter @Sarem is not there to blow smoke up your azz and hold your hand? Don't smack when you can't follow through homie, don't go king Kong and beat your chest cuz when it comes time to put in work you a buster.
  • Lol prove to me where i said i wanted to see your face, cuz last i remember it was about your address. But again prove to me where in here I was asking to see your face @PawNStaR
  • Come @nesian691 you and your boyfriend @Sarem said a few months back that you guys wanted me to show my face and stop hiding. Lets show one anothers face so we can say hello when we see run I into each other in Guam.
  • Ladies!!!! WTH! It's always the few guys who went out and made it who are here talking shit to each other. This is where I never get the male mentality, the alpha challenge is not needed in our society. The weak physically can take out the physically fit 800m away with a little triggle pull of a finger.

    Now, just calm down. If you both want to settle this fued, just settle a date and take it out on the street or a boxing ring. Maybe you all should get involved in contact sport. Writing tough here gets old you know... I lost my fames in after the FSM election, the election against my gender.

    I know I'm the least of all these wise folks to give talk to you GROWN ADULTS but I will humbly ask that you stop the threats online. Please, with a cherry on top or wtf they say to a kid to stop screaming his head off.

    @Sakasaka, we need your help adding your useful input in the politics thread.

    @nesian691, get a cold one and enjoy the weekend.

    @PS, maybe I should come drop some fresh fish in your office in Guam next week.

    Can we just enjoy the weekend with a little positivity?! Sorry i cut into your heated thread. I figure it needs a little ice.
  • I can be a chill guy and be a a-hole too. I have no probs with these liberal minded micros. Its them who are looking for beef because i don't share the same political views as them. Look it up and you will see from the comments records in here that it was they who started this. Why? Because I said something that was not in line with their views. All the insults and threats starter from their side. I ignored it , tried , but sometimes enough is enough. Im just pushing back. Im not a bad guy. Only when the situation calls for it or someone crossed a line then ill be the devils advocate if need be ill be the devil reincarnate himself. The dice as fallen so let it lay where it is.
  • Lol hey I can keep it cool if everyones cool. No problem on that part. Im just here again cuz someone tagged me in this post saying this is the pic of himself saying I called him out to show his face which was a total lie. Again @PawNStaR prove to me where I said in here that i wanted to see your dick pick above. Until then just shut that stink pie hole.

    @lihndanpei thanks and no worries cuz Im sipping on that cold beer rite now. Maybe some fresh fish will do but i guess you have an appointment already with PS so all good....
  • @nesian691, I have 1 rule and thats is forgive but don't forget. My memory is long. You said you wanted me to stop hiding. I ain't hiding. That's me! Thats my last deployment I did when I was in the regular Army with the 4th I.D in Afghanistan. Hit me up so we can sip them cold beers together.
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    I know this is between you rikapilon/FSM, but from where I from You boys must listen to @lihndanpei. She is doing the duty of a LEJMANJURI. In the Marshallese culture a LEJMANJURI is a women that stop hostility or war between men. Lej means fearless women, Man mean infront, juri means step on in. It means she who without fear step up or in and end a feud.
  • Dude fuck that already. Why be civil when you aren't shown civility because of your political views? Dude when Obama won 2 terms I never was here on this forum bitching or being a snowflake like @nesian691 or @SakaSaka or @Sarem Chuuk or @Factsmatter or @coconut. I just Sat back and watched him fucked the country up for 8 years.

    @lihndanpei or @Reaper watch the video below. This explain show you what liberals are. They push at conservatives and say its their right to do so but when conservatives do the same they say its racist. Watch it and tell me if it ain't the same like what these punks in here are doing.
  • Moral of this whole shit is that you don't start shit you can't finish. Don't say its my right to do this and say this and what not because when shit comes down to it you ain't man enough to follow through with it. Just because someone's don't have the same views as you don't give u the right to threat them all because your feelings were hurt.
  • Lmao... @Reaper, that's too much cred for my hot head and PS aka Po&!star, you seriously need help. I get it, I don't let anyone bend my beliefs and core values, why should you?!

    My pals, @nesian691, @sakasaka and @SaremChuuk, Give me a few months to get our domain and forum setup. We'll have our conversations in peace. One condition is to have full transparency and no BS. I'm too old for this shit, my kid and I speak in emoji and gifs. Speaking in memes here and # will soon turn me into a spamming bot like the few in here.

    Happy Sunday everyone.
  • Again PS, POS, I'm semi-liberal, gun loving humanitarian and 101% feminist.
  • I believe in Darwinism and the fact that I am on top of the MFing food chain. Socialism is a disease. I have compassion for humans in real need not the money sucking lazy group stealing the souls of the hard working middle class. One general political category is not enough to describe my kind. We have too much common sense to fit in. Loudly and proudly stand OUT!
  • Will do lihndapei. Take care
  • If you hate socialism or think its a disease why are you a semi liberal democrat?
  • Never said I'm democrat. I am a registered non-partisan, dude in California. You ASSume too much. Liberatarian is not your definition of liberals. There's extreme liberals and there's Liberatarians like me who believe in the core of the Republic of US. Liberty and justice for all. Do you even pledge or just worship the billionaire republican who likes to grab women in the pu$!& and brags about his misconduct?

    If you truly have a conscious and self-conviction, politics is your enemy. People can govern and live socially without the governing body. I am not anti-government if you're going to assume that. I believe in strong leadership and those in government are all puppets with strings from the giant powers dipped in oil, illegal gun trade, drugs (pharmaceutical giants) and foreign dictators. I hate to break it to you but you're just an army ant. You can debate here all you want but will never accept the reality of your views and beliefs either. I cannot fall into your political categories or follow a group with a dirty agenda. Humanitarian, Liberatarian, and feminists are the most persecuted groups in history. I choose those beliefs over blending in the major groups.

    Anyone in denial cannot see us because they are all wrapped up in fake news media nonsense! Now, stop talking like you will ever understand me. I chose my beliefs in highschool at PICS when I studies Civics. My teacher told us the hard truth about politics and I can say that I was the only one who got his message after some rapid-fire questions.

    The 3 branches in the government: executive, legislation and judicial, was the lesson of that day. It was before Sep 11, 2001. The same year I decided I need to join the military service.

    You don't need to be an old fart to get involved in politics or understand politics. Political science is a mesh of beliefs and truthfully, a boring subject about how complicated and nonsense the puppet system is. All comes to kill or be killed. US' mission is to be the most influential and dominant country. Politics is a poker game to hide their hidden agenda. They kill more lives including their own to stay in power. All comes to the greed for power, not justice or liberty for all human beings. Immigration reform won't be needed if live by their own pledge.

    I believe you need to refresh your memory: "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
  • I have no political category. Just a simple belief in life over death, liberty and justice for all, survival, gender equality and basic human decency. I only give respect where it's due. I do curse and will shoot trespassers to protect my own life. I like to shut down mind polluting nonsense or anyone in here hating Micronesians, sexist and spammers only when there's an important event in Micronesia.

    Anyone has the freedom of expression, good or bad. Just don't read the nonsense and let it get to you. Enough of this early morning lecture. I need coffee and go watch waves by the Kolonia pass. Lovely day by Sokehs Rock. Happy Monday everyone!
  • So you endorse the same views as Bernie sanders right? Didn't Bernie admit that he is a socialist a few years back? The veiw Bernie has is socialism the same ideal and political views of Hugo Chavez and Venezuela or Stalin of Communist Russia or Pol pot of the Khemer Rouge.

    Crab em by the pussy was just a statement he made years ago. If trump hated women why does he employs thousands of them in his hotels and casinos? A true female hater would have hired only men. I support his because he has done more in 4 months then the last dude did in 8 years. I was once a liberal and democrat but then I saw the light. The left mentality is we are right and if you are against us then you are wrong and a racist.
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