If Obamacare Was So Great, Why Did Life Expectancy Drop Last Year?

The Left has been howling that Obamacare's supposed repeal is going to cause people to die from losing health insurance. This is an ironic because life expectancy dropped last year.



  • Im laughing my a$$ off!
  • Answer me this @nesian691....... Give us the definite answer. Beside a meme.
  • Put up or shut up.....oh yeah that's me on the pic.....flick a pic.....now u know.....tell Sarem about it......
  • Lol well my answer is 25 million more people will soon die because of the new health care plan and majority of them are trump voters so yeah bye bye deplorables lmao @PawNStaR
  • @nesian691 can you and sarem now put up your pictures in here so we can see you guys or gals faces?
  • You have more chances of dying from a car accident and a drunk driver then without obamacare. Sad but true. Truth of the matter is those republicans are NOT crying over Obama care but rather its the democrats and their supporters. Guess it shows who is really on it.
  • @Rastaman you must be Pornstars bitch huh. You like to speak for him alot lmao. I'll just call you Sean Spicer lmfao
    @PawNStaR you must be in another world. Rite now there is a Republican civil war going on in the house and senate about this stupid health care plan. Go back to school you dumbass
  • Lol...@the GOP debacle! ACA needs improvement/fixing no doubt, but this...cmon.
  • civ·il war
    ˌsivil ˈwô(ə)r/
    a war between citizens of the same country.

    Don't use words you dont know dear @nesian691. Lol. Someone need to go back to grade school. Fake news nesian is a bitch like you.
  • Nesian I thought we were Nazis but now the B word? Weak a*s respond.
  • @PawNStaR everyone in the house and the senate are U.S citizens you dumbass. You back to school yourself you wanna be dumb blond and take Sean Spicer @Rastaman with you too lmfao
  • @nesian691 civil war is what is happening in Syria. You said the republicans are having a civil war in congress. Civil war is when people from the same country take up arms and shoot and kill each others. That's what you Democrats are advocating in the streets of America. Can't get over the lost of November. Over 300 million guns in America and majority of them are own by republicans. Wise up.
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