Chuuk Weno Election Results

Does anyone know who won the 5 seats for the House of Representatives representing Weno, Pis-Paneu, and Fonoton?


  • Nakayama
  • AntiColonialist, how about the other municipalities of Chuuk for the state election?

    Also, who won the 2-year seats from the give regions?
  • Thanks guys, or gals.
  • I heard.

    Petewen Jesse
    5. Bernie

    6. David Welle
  • Is this the latest?

  • If Petewen Jesse is not with the party for Victor Gouland and Johnson Elimo. Like Keiuo William and Pecky Robert. The incoming new legislature credential committee will not seat him. Maybe another special election for Northern Namoneas Region for House of Representative.

    Get ready candidates Keiuo, David and Pecky.
  • Thanks for the info guys :)image
  • On what grounds would the committee not seat Rep-elect Petewon Jesse William? If for some reason William is not seated and the losers were to fight over the SEAT, I'd wish David Welle takes that seat
  • Wasn't he in the legislature before?
  • but I think he's a convicted felon
  • Congratulations ngeni ekkewe Winners noun Northern Namoneas Region. Seni Congress etiw won ekkewe Representatives.

    Congressman- Elect Mr. Victor Gouland
    Governor & Lt. Governor - Elect Mr. Johnson Elimo and Mr. Markus Akapito
    Senators - Elect Mr. Mark Mailo & Mr. Sekap Esah.
    Representatives - Elect.
    1. Mr. Wisney Nakayama
    2. Mr. Petewen Jesse William
    3. Mr.Bernie Million
    4. Mr. Sephet William
    5. Mr. Keswick Matus.

    Pwan special congratulations ngeni ekkewe other winner seni ekkoch regions. God Bless you all!
  • Marius Akapito..ka kon atapwan om na
  • I thought David Welle won? No? Someone please confirm
  • Amusano esap seni ach atapwan, nge pusin an en computer angangaw ne itechiki iten aramas, Ach amusomus ngonuk amafen Lt.Governor- Elect Mr. Marius Akapito esap Mark Akapito me Rep-Elect Mr. Bernie Killion, esap Million pwe KIllion.
    Fakkun seni ach sia chok kan pwapwa ,ina pwaat a esenipa ach sipwene missed spell itemi me ami kena last name.
    Fakkun amusano, ach tipis.

    Kepwan Efich
    Kepwan Oput
  • Ai nuku Rep.-Elect Petewen Jesse William, mei ok an epwe seated. Pwata repwene keran pwan unseat-ini ? nge pwata rese chok fori non an ewe 2nd term? Seni nonowo me songen nus ika ? Sipwe tipe-ew ngeni met mochenin Weno ngeni ei aramas. ika ouse mut ngeni iwe ina epwene pwan poputa ne peek aramas me nuwen gangsters.. mut ngeni!

    Kepwan Efich
    Kepwan Oput
  • Kepwan, tirow wom, nge Article V section 7 (b) non nouch Chuuk State Constitution a apasa:

    No person convicted of a felony is eligible to serve as a member of the Legislature, even if pardoned.  A member of the Legislature who has been convicted of a felony shall automatically be expelled from the Legislature, but is eligible to run again if the conviction is reversed on appeal.

    Mei wor an Representative-elect William kewe felony conviction. Sipwe ifa usun ne fiti tipen aramasen Weno nge ese mumuta non nouch Constitution? Tirow.

  • Sandman , mei enlet pwe ina mosowen ena Chunap, nge ai kapas ais. Pwat , repwene keran nuchurau onna ikenai? Pwat, rese chok nuchurau me non ekkewe 2 terms ika last 4 years? Pwat? Efis ei sokkun? Sapw chonope fetan chok? Oute tairi ena at? Ou anisi. Ina mei och Keiuo e tou e nuokas..

    Kepwan efoch
    Kepwan oput.
  • edited March 2017
    A fakkun nonnom ren ena legislature. Ika nge re mochen awesi onna, resap enenianong non an we ewin term. Nge ir men mochen enenia, iwe ina repwe chok pwan enenia non ei. Ou auti chok.

    Ngang men tipisin fichi noun Nimwamw we supwa, iwe wewen nge usap pwan tongeni wiseni ewe wisen konson? Ngang upwe angei nei taropwe nge met, upwe fori ngeni chon ai we konson ar repwe saniei me amottaei?
  • I really don't know anything about the issue but let's be honest with ourselves, if he did the crime and was convicted, he shouldn't have run. But he ran, won and was seated. Something was terribly wrong somewhere. Let's not repeat that "wrong". Legislature/Election Office, please do your job in the name of fairness.
  • Just because someone committed murder 10 years ago, doesn't mean he shouldn't be punished today. Just because he was seated years ago, doesn't mean he is not a convicted felon. Come on folks, it's like we're all stupid here. Abide by the Constitution.
  • Iwe men pung, uwa tipe ew ngeni mefiom ei mwa pwipwi Sandman. Epwe wor mafenan nouch ena chuunapw pun esap turunufas. Sise mochen ach ena anepuung epwe ew nenien chon chok vote nge epwe nenien upusä won ekiek met Chuuk epwe manau me feifeita ren.
    Mei eoch ewe credential committee epwe fori an angang non wenechar not pachifikation.

    Kepwan efich
    Kepwan oput
  • Ururun epwe set ekkoch requirements ren pekin qualification ren omw kopwe tongei run for office. Mei pung pwe mi wot nge epwe pwan kapacheta ekkoch, pun sise need ekkoch chon atake ika attaw repwe sa ngeni ekkewe wis. Sise need omocha in da house.

    Kepwan efich
    Kepwan oput
  • Mwa ami men sinei met unosoun porousen an Rep elect William tikenong non ewe upwusasan atotonongen chochon ewe House non ewe fansoun onna epwene ewin tikenong?

    Iwe iei met ngang men sinei. Poputa won katonongen iten chon run. William a angei noun we Nomination Petition. A unus ekkewe initiator fiti fengen me chiechier me non ewe kinikinin Northern Namoneas. Wewen nge ikkeweir ekkewe aramas ra pwarata nge ir men tipeew ngeni ewe ekiek. Iwe a poputa ewe angangen campaign, nge chechemeni o ese pwan wor pinepinan meren ewe Election Office non state.

    Iwe. Mwirin a nisoronong ewe petition an onna epwe sa ngeni ewe wiis, chon Weno. Piis Paneu me Fonoton ra uttut won ekkewe candidates onowe Petewon a win. Iwe pokiten men wor chon kapas eis won an we background, a wor chosa won. Iwe met pwungunon ewe chosa pwe men tufich anongonong won masowen ewe chosa. Ekkei meinisin men fiti tettenin masowen ekkoch ennuk ewe men esenipato an Jesse Petewon William epwe ketiw. Iwe mwo kich chommong kich men sinei nge oneei men wor an record, ese wor met e opochokkuna nge esap wis.

    A wesino kana meinisin, iwe ewe Credential Committee me non ewe Legislature a awora an saingonon chosa fiti fengen me arongorong nefiner. Met a pwunguno merer pwe Jesse Petewon men kofich an epwe mommot.

    Iei a pwan run sefan, ewe election commission men chok pwan etiwa fiti fengen me chon Northern Namoneas ir men chok pwan tipeew ngeni an epwe tupwunir me non ewe House.

    Iwe met sipwene apasa? Pwan singini sefani ewe pwangen nipwei nge a fen tou masowan ren ewe apanew ponnoon nge iwe ese tup non?
  • Ran annim!

    Ese fakkun och an epwe singinita na pwangen nipwei, pun a fen ketiw! Pwan met osukosukan nge he is a changed man, Northern Namoneas a pupuchor pun inai tupun non na imwen soo - nikitano, epwe wis. Sipwe ne move forward, ekieki met masowan nesor pun Chuuk epwe sopweno ei momentum kich mi nom won. Sia suu! Go Petewon!
  • By official record, did he commit a crime, was he tried in a court of law and found guilty? Did he server his sentence?
    Sorry pwipwi sinbad but there was no mention of the wonders in your wonderful chronological events of this issue.
  • Revolution, so let's allow all those deportees and prisoners serve as Reps. Is that what you want? What's the use of having a Constitution if we're going to ignore it. Despite what the Credential Committee finds, or what some obscure rule or regulation says, the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. Kinen, he has 5 felony firearms convictions.
  • FIVE felony convictions! Goodness gracious heavens, were the legislature and election offices sleeping or being bought at the time? The election office slept on this again. Legislature, please do your job, RESPECT the Constitution.
  • Kinen,
    Wt all due respect, if our lawmakers can blatantly ignore the laws today, why should we expect an independent Chuuk to produce any different outcome?

    You see, the perception of bad governance is hard to rid of because we have not seen enough accountable leaders making difficult decisions that would sway that perception the other way.
  • SakaSaka, maybe not "should expect" but at least, with a start over attitude, or a new/different form of governance, we could hope for a new look at what we have to deal with a new. Let's not lose hope for the better for our dear Chuuk. Many times most things don't pan out good but that doesn't mean we are doomed. That's something I hope we don't entertain while seeking ways and means to improve services to our people.
  • I am sitting here, squatting, in the nein chia, appreciating the cool breeze whistling from beneath the wildly tangled roots. A breeze filled with fragrance of the natural settlement of rotted chia leaves and the relieving odor of by-products of my digestive system. No hot sun to burn my bare skin covered from the skies only by green and brown chia leaves and branches, serenaded by birds singing as they jump from branch to branch, tree to tree.

    I am thinking whether this argument of seating one who was convicted is to protect the integrity of our state constitution or to test the competency of our judicial system.

    I am worried, as a precedent has been set, if the coming elections would be the same.
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