Who would win in war between Liberals and Conservatives?



  • I think that Liberals would win because they have most of the computer engineers, and more non face-to-face ways to kill. They can write a virus that sends the conservatives into a pre-electric society. Then they can make and arm drones which will take out the industrial centers of conservative country.

    There would be guerrilla terrorism akin to what was used by the Irish against the UK. All of the conservatives that were once in the US military would either leave their ruined territory to mount a suicidal revenge-strike against liberals. The conservatives would probably make homemade bombs and try to target dams and other centralized power generation systems.

    However, liberals would have a leg-up on development of decentralized power production due to their solar, wind, and biofuel options that would not be available to conservatives.

    Additionally, since liberals are mostly coastal, they would have the advantage of controlling the sea, and thus the vast majority of foreign goods. Conservatives would be fighting a war of attrition, something that is near fatal.

    The only problem would be organization. Neither group would be able to organize enough to be a real threat to one another, thus the whole conversation is moot.

    Now, to address the very off-topic chat that happened a few months ago. It seems clear that you were all having the same argument that the rest of the internet is having. It's boring. I'm tired of it. I don't really have a political affiliation; I think your narratives are both wrong. So ere are some suggestions so that you are more interesting than a troop of shit-flinging monkeys:

    Bashing the conservatives:
    The comments that I have seen from PS is appalling. You discredit your political affiliation, and you make it easier for liberals to dismiss you as 'backwards, misogynistic, homophobic, and hateful'.
    Try not to use homophobic slurs as insults, they aren't actually insulting, and make you look childish (especially when you repeat them like a broken record).
    Do not ever post something like you did with the "Sandwich Making For Dummies". It will make people utterly repulsed by you, and will invalidate everything you say. I personally had the immediate, visceral desire to see you turned into a eunuch- eliciting such a response is not the way to insure an attentive or sympathetic audience.

    Time to bash the liberals now:
    You flung insults instead of using rational debate. This discredits you, and makes you appear to be exactly what Conservatives think of you: whiny, childish, and entitled. It won't matter to them that you are responding with the same level of maturity that they displayed, you reaffirmed their beliefs. There were major logical errors in PS's arguments that could have easily been pointed out, such as his claims that the current Democratic Party was on the side of the confederacy.
    I recommend watching Fox News once in a while, and coming up with counter arguments to the same rhetoric that you will see all over. Don't just shout that he's sexist and homophobic (even if it's true) he will see it as a canned, pavlovian response.

    Now, please be more intelligent about debating. It's boring to see the same insult-flinging shitfest all over the internet.
  • Welcome to the 21st century. The internal war will not involve arms, but highly contested debates.

    For the mother land.
  • The progressive/liberals will simply outspend the conservatives on everything. In todays world, money and high tech go hand in hand. Blue states have just that...money, human resources and technological advantage. They will buy out oil rigs in Lousiana, Texas and Alaska. They will infiltrate the farming conglomerate in Iowa, Idaho, Wyoming, Indiana and offer insane deals these states can not turn down...they will render states like Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee obsolete by disabling all software routers to their factories shutting them all down while rapidly puttingbin replacements in places like Colorado, Illinois, Virginia, New York, California, etc..
  • Clearly you never studied war. You are talking tactics with your comment above @SakaSaka. Tactics don't win wars! Logistics do! Its about firepower and how much resources one controls either in human factor or materials. There are about 200-300 million guns in the U.S and majority of them guns are owned by Republicans. There are about 1,000 militias across the U.S either constitutional militias or irregular militias and all of them are conservative and republican leaning. There are about 2 million military vets or combat tested veteran's in the U.S from the war on terror and majority of them are republican leaning. There are 2,092,900 people in the military either active or national guard or reserve. Majority of the people joining the military are from republican states in the south. That's logistics. Lets not forget the federal government is controlled by Republicans. With that comes control comes the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and all the intelligence assets this country has.


    Also how can liberals fight a war when they claim that firing a weapon alone gives them PTSD? Liberals can't stand guns or being around them. An average child raised in a republican household is taught how to shoot, clean and maintain a gun from a early age. An average child raised in a democratic household is taught how watch the Ellen degenerate show and how to be gender fluid from an early age.

    Here is a video of the average Liberal male crying after firing a few rounds from a AR-15. Lol

  • Porn star are there any liberal leaning soldiers? Do you think your political affiliation determines ones love for his or her country? Can a soldier still be progressive thinking and be true to their oaths? To obey their orangutan in chief and defend the constitution?
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    Pawnstar you talk like one of them armchair generals on tv thats always giving insight on wars but always are shown to be out of touch and always wrong.
  • Lol you guys are funny
  • Porn star are there any liberal leaning soldiers?Both were By @redsnapper

    Yes, and they are a minority. For every 1 liberal in the military there 2 republicans. The officer Corps of the U.S Military is majority republicans.

    By @redsnapper

    Yes! History and facts shows us that those who are republicans or leaning republicans are more patriotic than those who are democrats or liberal leaning.

    Here are some hard data's that says exactly that which I've stated.

    1.The Republican Party is more patriotic than the Democratic Party.

    2.Gallup Poll: Millennials And Liberals Least Patriotic Groups In America

    Can a soldier still be progressive thinking and be true to their oaths? 
    By @redsnapper

    Ever heard about Bradley Manning and Bowe Bergdahl? Both were in the Army and both betrayed the oaths they took and both are liberals. Liberals will always chose party loyalty over the constitution.

  • @Anunaki, unlike those armchair generals I've seen and been to combat. All those so called armchair general's have no CIB. Always sporting them EIBs but no CIB. Ask @Belas what a CIB is ? She wishes she had one, every POGs wish they had one. I'm not out of touch all the things I've predicted in this forum have come to past.
  • @PawNStar, why are you so obessed with the American conservatives views and their ways? Are you a Micronesian?
  • Porn star, you are an idiot. You say liberals are a minority yet 1 out if every 3 , that's 33% of the military which is nearly 600,000 by your estimates. Is that small? I didn't know the military kept track of political affiliation. 2 liberal soldiers gives you the right to generalize about 600,000 soldiers? You are no longer just an idiot, you are now an absolute idiot. When you pray to orangutan' and Hitler tonight, pray for common sense, love for your fellow child of god and for orangutan to stop being a dickhead and for his salvation.
  • And for your information, I am republican I believe in limited government and self responsibility. I also believe government has to take care of the less fortunate of our people. I don't mind helping with my taxes but also 100% against waste, fraud and abuse of power and resources. I think orangutan is a dumb republican and doesn't act like the tru republican like Lincoln. He is an idiot so republican or not he isn't s good president. He sucks.
  • @PawNStar, why are you so obessed with the American conservatives views and their ways? Are you a Micronesian?
    By @Dezi

    Why are you obessed with socialism? That system you so embrace will limit your rights. Like free speech which you are enjoying right now. Why you ask well is bcuz its what In my opinion is the right one. And yes, I am a pohnpeian.
  • You say librals are a minority yet 1 out if every 3 , that's 33% of the military which is nearly 600,000 by your estimates.

    Wrong, for 1 liberal there 2 republicans in the military. 1 liberal equal 2 republicans. Where did you go to school? 1 is less than 2 not 3 but 2. Call me a idiot yet can't do simple equation. How did one liberal equate to 33 percent? Lets use your math formula. 1 liberal for 2 republicans is 1 percent while 2 republicans equate to 22 percent. 1 percent of one million is 10,000 which by your formula means 10,000 folks are liberals in the military while 220,000 folks are republicans in the military. So which is bigger 10,000 liberals or 220,000 republicans? By your formula the 10,000 is greater than 220,000. And I'm they idiot.

    If you are a republican then I'm Obama's cousin. Which do you believe? None! Redsnapper the so called republican who attacks everything republicans stand for. You are more a republican than I'm a liberal. Lol
  • So for every 1 liberal there's 2 republicans in the military? So if 3 soldiers gathers one of them is a liberal and the other 2 are republicans. Am I right for your description?
  • Ask your liberal buddies in here to explain that to you. Your slow in between the hears.
  • @PawNStar.. Where did i stated that I am so obsess with socialism?
  • Answer the question, is the analogy correct?
  • i fire my m4 just fine. not bad for a liberator.
  • tango tango 1, why so judgemental? don't underestimate people. hihi

    didn't your idol say that. hihi. practice what you preach You.
  • why so judgemental? don't underestimate people.
    By @Belas

    Take your 2 cents and take your own advice.hihihi
  • i got my education on a legit university. i'm open-minded and doing nation-building. all your doing is talking. no action. jus talking.........n talking.........n talking..........n..........ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......................
  • Remember the last civil war the liberals and the Republicans went to war? It was called the American civil war. The liberals lost
  • Lining up musketeers wearing red uniforms against musketeers wearing blue uniforms and waiting for the command to fire is so back in the days Rasta. lol. Pausing fire to reload your musket will get you kill also.

    Today's warfare is changing. We see more urban warfare, precision and laser guided weapons, cyber warfare and etc. and the Libs have the advantage. Case close.
  • Porn star trump university class of 2016. With honors. Handed his diploma personally by professor orangutan.

    Trump university degrees cheaper than toilet paper on eBay.
  • What's that sound? Another one of presidents councils unanimously quitting and calling orangutan unfit to be a janitor at the White House
  • No I take that back. I'm sure porn star is more educated than orangutan. Orangutan speaks like a 3rd grader and no one knows what kind of crap is coming out of butthole mouth orange ape.
  • Today's warfare is changing. We see more urban warfare, precision and laser guided weapons, cyber warfare and etc. and the Libs have the advantage. Case close.
    By @MrWang_Lung

    Thats also what the libs said last time. The average liberal is still living at home at his mommas house and play COD/Call Of Duty all day. The average liberal male is afraid of guns and the sound of it. The average liberal male is pampered and spoiled.

    Why I ain't concerned


    All of the top brass in the military are conservative leaning and so are the grunts aka the door kickers. Combat arms of the military is overwhelmingly Republican leaning. These are the guys who take the ground and take the fight to the enemy.

    The Special operation community within the US military has already show what side its on.
    The Navy has since confirmed that the convoy was from a Virginia Beach-based special warfare unit.



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