Who would win in war between Liberals and Conservatives?



  • @Sarem you sound bitter. Hell has no fury like a women scorned. Its true. A Jew must not talk about Christian value. Keep to Judaism what's Judaism. A liberal has no business to talk about religion. Liberals are Satan worshippers and sodomites. Sorry but you preaching to the you know.....haha
  • Who exactly do you think you are lecturing Jews about what they can speak about? Wasn't Jesus a liberal Jew? Actually, it is Nazis who do not believe in religion. you said so. They worship Satan in the form of Der Fuhrer Schickelgruber. You are a Satan worshiper.

    Only a small nervous laugh. Cockroach of the Underworld.
  • MrWang_Lung doesnt have time for dumbass people like you who believe in ALTERNATIVE facts @PawNStaR
  • lmao... you wish. I am the last person you wanna mess with. I am relentless in revenge. You will have not just a broken bone back but a missing sack. lmao... you don't get to me with those domestic violence guys. They threaten me here too...maybe It'll work on other women. Nice try though. :D
  • lol @ corner play with wee wee. We can't refer to it in adult's terms. He gets a boo boo and goes crying to his momma.
  • Rofl... this kid just can't learn. You are seriously trying to talk to adults. Me, @Sarem Chuuk and @nesian691 are laughing at a kid trying to think too hard.

    I hope you have to take a break and eat ice cream. Let us know if you need help with your speech. You seem to miss on your insult attempts. Smh....
  • @lihndanpei no worries. Let me take care of this fool for us. Hey @PawNStaR give me your address since u wish to see this ass so bad. Be a man and show yourself.
  • lol... Can we all just get along and sing Kumbaya?
  • Lol @lihndanpei Never in a billion years I would ever get along with a racist. Especially a wanna be white trash @PawNStaR lmfao!
  • @nesian691 &lihndanpei you two sound like two b*thces go play with your blow dolls and smack clits like the Dykes you 2 are. I would tell you two to hook up with @Sarem but sadly he is a queer and he prefer boys not girls. He has all the syndrome of a sodomite.

    If Jesus decided to vote he would vote republican. The party that believes in him. The party that wants to keep his moral values, the party that value babies unlike the Satan democrats who want to kill babies with abortions. The republicans believe in man and women marriage while the democrats want the opposite. God the father sees homosexuality as a sin and republicans also believe this too. Democrats pushed their "gay marriage" on the masses.

    Who always attack Christian values and morals and defend the Muslims that want to eradicate Christianity? The democrats aka the party of that was founded in Sodom and Gomorrah. That's that.
  • Sarem is obsessed with Nazis and Hitler. Look he sees them everywhere. Deep down he is a Nazi lover. To prove my point he will come here and call people that which he is obsessed with.
  • @PawNStaR dont be jealous now. Behave yourself and you may get a spot. Lmfao
  • PS is so angry. Get a chill pill and stay calm. It's friday and I need some Corona and lime to make the day just perfect!

    Talking smack with all those nasty curse words only labeled you less of a man. Take it from a mother, I would back hand-bitch slap your face and tie you up in the bathroom corner and spray you with my garden hose until you shape up. I have no tolerance for your nonsense. Luckily, it's Friday and I'd rather listen to 90's music, 2pac, Eminem, Dr. Dre and enjoy my day. I have more fun offline than here. Maybe you should get a life and stop this ongoing tantrum. I'm telling you, it's not healthy to stay on social media and neglect your physical social life.

    Here's a list of things you could be doing offline
    1. Cleaning your room
    2. Learning a new skill like building furniture
    3. Get a new hobby like burning rubber while making doughnuts or fishing
    4. Cook healthy food and ditch the drive through crap
    5. Fix all the little stuff in your home

    Happy Friday!
  • And your point is exactly?
  • Now I get it! Your point is to fill up the server with pictures you took from other Nazi websites! Your point is to make this forum another Nazi White Supremacist den of lies and falsehoods.

    Silly of me to have not figured that out.

    By the way, you have never seen any post in here where I asked you to agree with me. That would be silly, and not very bright of me. The only thing you agree with is the Nazis.

    Who is that woman, by the way. You keep putting her picture in this forum. Can't you find any other angry women? I'll bet if you try you could put at least twenty pictures of angry women one after the other in here and call them all liberals! Try! We are all waiting with bated breath for your attack on women!
  • That women is you....The same mentality.....the same playbook you are using.....that is what liberals are @Sarem.

    Let me again remind you of current events since its apparent you are going senile.

  • This is you @Sarem in a different women form. Hahaha

  • lol... only women haters i know are the ones who can't keep em. "WOMEN- CAN'T HAVE EM BUT CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THEM!"

    This idiot came from a women's lowest part and yet have no respect. This guaranteed that little PS Jr. will forever left drying on the wall or on a tissue. Lfmao.... Boom! That's how you burn a sexist.
  • @lihndanpei you and your old man @Sarem are saaad. You came from a man sacs so right back at ya. Typical liberal can debate so they make shit out of nothing. Tell us its it against the rule to use females in memes. You say its not ok for me to do it but its ok for @nesian691 to to use memes that are debasing about Kellyanne Conway. Wow the hypocrisy is showing dear.
  • @nesian691 where are you getting these funny pics??! rofl....

    I have a lot of respect for man. PS is what we all categorize at a man child. The pic above is a good example in case you haven't seen one :D
  • In case you haven't felt the generosity of a real gf. We, speaking on behalf of women, do like to treat our men from time to time. Women with jobs including myself still cook and serve a plate to our men. when they have a bad day, we take off their shoes and take an hour to LISTEN to their problems.

    Here's a relationship lesson: communication, mostly listening is the key to a strong and healthy couple. I have more motherly wisdom to share.
  • Pawnstar:shes a angry liberal.

    Sarem chuuk: that's totally anti women to use she in a sentence.

    Lihndanpei: He must hate women to use "she" in a sentence.

    Nesian691: Kellyanne she's a total cunt.

    Sarem chuuk: totally agree.

    Lihndanpei: you are so funny nesian691.

    Pawnstar: wait nesian691 can make fun of a she????

    Sarem chuuk: nesian691 is a liberal she can.

    Lihndanpei: nesian691 is a she too so its ok.


  • Lol @PawNStaR dont try to make this about all women. I didnt even said she. Why put words in peoples mouth? Cmon now!! I only refer to Kellyann Cuntway and her only. Not all women. Just like you refer to @lihndanpei at times when u guys are at it. Only her. However other times you include all women with your outdated memes and not one single woman and thats where you and I are different. Please tell me you understand the point im trying to get across cuz if you dont then you are one DUMB AND IGNORANT piece of......... I'll let you finish it off for us.
  • @nesian691 sorry but your commander @Sarem and your cuckoo friend @lihndanpei were offended by the lady in the meme I posted. They say Im anti women because I post a angry liberal chick meme. Yet applaud you for using your aunty Kellyanne in a debasing meme. That's liberal 101 for you. Turn a blind eye to one of their own while screaming anti feminist at someone who is not part of your clique.
  • Where is Sarem? Its kind of weird not seeing him ranting in here.
  • She's probably reading "mein kampf" its a prefer reading for liberals like her.
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