Who would win in war between Liberals and Conservatives?



  • Can't debate for Jack that's why skin color is brought up. Somehow "seeking medical care" in the US is a opening for Black or white. Get the f**k out of here with bullshit. That shit get no play here.
  • LOL. That was actually funny, seriously. It caught me off guard and actually got me laughing.

    Good one.
  • @PawnStar

    Either you are joking, in which case it's very funny, or, that is one of the most ignorant, out of left field posts I have ever read. I'm going to say it's a joke because no one could be that dumb, right?
  • I wish "Dinner for Schmucks" was real. I would take PawnStar and I would WIN! :-D
  • @PawnStar

    Ok, buddy. I'll help out this one time.

    Black and White thinking: Thought process that categorizes all subjects as either good/"white" or bad/"black" with no middle ground. Indication of narrow-mindedness or an inability/unwillingness to delve deeper into the subject. Often adopted for it's simplicity to comprehend but does not take into consideration reality.

    Grey thinking: Thought process that understands that subjects can be both "black" and "white", simultaneously. Displays understanding that subjects have myriads of underlying factors of which each may have positive or negative characteristics. This process is much more difficult to comprehend but does rely heavily on complexities of reality.

    There. I have to say this. Your reference to "race" in reply to my post had me laughing- no offense. I have to thank you for that. It really made my morning.
  • We are talking about the liberals (mental disease) endorsement of Socialism and you brought up black/white. Haha race baiting much.
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  • Race baiting? That's hilarious in a sad, pathetic kind of way.
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    I hate to say this, but...

    I referred this post to some people and, sad to say, they started laughing. I mean, you do realize black/white/grey references to absolutes has absolutely nothing to do with race, right? I would of thought that "grey" would have tipped that off. I've never heard of "grey" people before so it might not be a race reference. Just saying.

    You know... there's no embarrassment in admitting you just don't get it, right? It's okay. It's not the end of the world if you can't comprehend something. We all have our "ceiling" when it comes to mental capacity and it's okay to admit if you've reached yours.
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    Ok. I'm going to stop messing with you, my friend. This is getting abusive and it is, obviously, a gigantic waste of time and energy messaging someone whose mind is closed to anything but blind devotion to something, regardless of whether it is fact-based or not.

    Tschuss bis spater, mein freunde.
  • Don't stop now. Because this shows us all how the disease infected mind of liberal works. I said Socialism never work, you praised it, and went on a rant about Snowden and blacks and whites and immigration like someone skin pigment/black or white and immigration is somehow connected to citizens from those Socialist healthcare come to America seeking medical care.
  • Oh by the way another kid has been allowed to die in the great Socialist British healthcare system you so embrace. They state of Britain has taken down the life support system of a kid the Socialist healthcare system deemed unsave-avle. When the system deemed you pass beyond saving guess what they will allow you to die even if the remedy or operation to save you is in another country. If you are obese or have lung cancer because of smoking and need life saving surgery guess what that system you praised in Britain won't give or approved of the surgery to safe you. If the state deemed you a lost cost you are good as dead as it is appearntly happening in Britain.

  • here is the system you praised, telling it's citizens that the state owns every children.

    Headline: Prime Minister Issues Friendly Reminder To UK Parents That The State Owns Their Children

    LONDON—Upon the news of a high court ordering life support removed from 2-year-old Alfie Evans, English Prime Minister Theresa May issued a brief, friendly reminder to citizens of the U.K. that the all-powerful state actually owns their children.

    In a video circulated online, May informed parents who were “getting a little too attached” to their children that they need to keep in mind that the United Kingdom is the actual legal parent, and the kids are simply on loan to them until the State decides it’s time for them to die.

    “Yes, we’re gracious enough to allow your kids to reside with you and for you to make lots of the decisions in their day-to-day lives, but when the rubber meets the road, we just want you to remember that the Almighty State straight-up owns your kids and will do with them as we will,” she said. “We make all the big decisions, and you have pretty much zero say when it comes right down to it. Just keep that in mind and stay in your place.”
  • Britain Socialist healthcare remove life support equipment from sick baby it deemed unsave-avle.

    This is what Socialist healthcare is. More power to the government. If a group of doctors deemed you unsaveable even if the procedure to safe you is in another country well too bad you will die, even if your love ones pay for you to seek Healter care elsewhere.

    Britian socialist healthcare system remove life saving equipment from baby.

  • @PawnStar

    Don't stop now? Okay.

    1. Fozzie Bear is a muppet. Yes, A MUPPET. LOL
    2. Grey is not a race. (unless you are counting actual Aliens)
    3. Nazi's were far-right fascists. Having the word "socialist" in your name doesn't actually make you one just like the band "KIngs of Leon" aren't actually kings because "it's in their name".
    4. If socialism doesn't "work" why does China own the vast majority of US debt? Dumb luck, maybe?
    5. Repeated reference to black/white/grey analogies to absolutism as "race baiting" make you sound ignorant.
    6. Again, repeated reference to black/white/grey analogies to absolutism as "race baiting" make you sound ignorant.
    7. One last time, repeated reference to black/white/grey analogies to absolutism as "race baiting" make you sound ignorant.
    8. Look up the definition of "absolutism"
    9. No don't report back, I'm not your teacher.
    10. It's last, yes, but certainly not the least- PICK UP A BOOK once in a while and educate yourself.
  • Socialism brought us these things we can deny it and pretend it never happened but history is witness that it happened no matter how Liberals try to erase it.

    Let's say the same Socialist healthcare system Britian had exists in America. Guess all those micronesians who need life saving surgeries would have been dead. Since the system you embrace would deem them unsaveable and waste of money. This is the system you and your Liberal friends want in America.

    Economic+Logic don't go hand in hand in Liberalism/Socialism.
  • @PawnStar

    More rants of a simple mind. Just you say that's what would happen doesn't mean it would. In fact, because you're predicting it, it most likely it's a pipe dream.

    Your hypothetical is nonsensical because it is based on a view that is flawed by your oversimplification of everything.

    No more references to race baiting, my simple minded friend?
  • Sorry but it's happening in the Socialist healthcare system on Britain. Thats reality, and sadly the left wing media is giving it no play on the airwaves because it will show how the same policy it's trying to enact is Killin people in the UK.

    Again it's not predicting when it's happening in European countries who have enacted the Socialist healthcare system you embrace.
  • @PawnStar

    Black and White shit again. huh? Ignore the truth, you're so good at it. What's the truth? Sorry, class is NOT in session.

    Once again, I am NOT going to explain this to you. PICK UP A BOOK and educate yourself.
  • Yup Socialism is failure look at Socialist healthcare in Britian. The country who's healthcare you so embrace.
  • Let me guess, it's such an abject failure but the people of the UK don't have the power to change it... right?

    The idea of a flawless system is a pipedream, buddy. Point out the perfect health care system and I'll easily open your mind to it's flaws. Black and White views again. Will they ever stop?
  • J.H.C.!! You're here too!!

    Let us use the "Take a Bath" scenario:

    Liberal-Soaking wet from _________??


    Conservative-Bone dry from________??

  • I deserve that. Time to step back from this.
  • deserve what ma man? thats only my way of looking at things. we all have different views....yours may be better. maintain that course soldier.;-)
  • I'm going to take a step away from this. :-)
  • @PawnStar

    Before you start laughing too much. dearhunter's fill in the blanks questions answer is Knowledge. Still laughing... probably. Too dumb not to.
  • @PawnStar

    Sorry about that, dude. I really need to get away from this damned trench.
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