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I realized this is a great subject for all to consider since the workforce here is shrinking by the day due to the migration popularity to USA. I am not talking about young people going to school or joining the military. I am talking about the families moving with their families there. Sadly, I was the first to leave my nuclear family and help my siblings move to the US.

I'm back here and have seen the effects of brain drain. How can we reverse this? I can't find enough talents in IT to talk to about system/software integration and bandwidth monitoring. Any help is highly appreciated.

I wish we have more millennials here (Born 1977-2000).



  • Tirow...tirow...

    This is a great post. It addresses one of the greatest demographic problems of the FSM. Yes, people are moving out of the FSM in search of jobs that pay higher wages. But someone has to point out that higher wages do not mean higher savings because one must take into account the cost of living in the U.S. Generally, Micros head out to Hawaii or Guam but they do not fully understand the ramifications of their actions.

    I am sure you know what is it truly like to live abroad and then return home to see what improvements could be made to better the lives of people on the islands. It sort of leaving the box and looking into it and seeing what is wrong. Self-distancing ourselves to clearly see the problems. However, it becomes difficult when you leave and come back and people start saying you have become "Americanized".

    We need people who are willing to take personal risks to enact the changes that go beyond one's gain. We need these trailblazers to show us that we can combine the good aspects of our culture and the good aspects of westernization..not just cars and canned goods.

  • I'm here and trying to reach out to friends to come home and writing everyday to get more computer literacy guides for my office. I need more inputs and people abroad to come witness the effects of brain drain.

    We have some talented people here in both FSM and state government but need most to come home. You don't have to work for the government. The economy need more local shops and businesses to stimulate spending and attract more tourists.

    What is keeping everyone from coming home? Jobs are not scares. You just have to find it or create it.
  • I'm looking for IT talents here and abroad. We have officially finished our marketing efforts and catch the attention of the big fish we need. Please inbox me if you know anyone with IT experience in the US. Hard to recruite all newbies.

  • Just saw new female newbies in PNI justice department. I've seen so many women in my generation start taking over jobs in the government. So glad our leadership is opening more doors. Big Kudos!
  • This is a huge issue! Good postimage
  • Just saw a report of school population of 4 Pohnpeian elementary schools including my own. Decrease in students every year! Omg... I was shocked to see the number of 8th grade students. A lot less than my graduating class of 1998.
  • @lihndanpei, I'm guessing Uncle Sam did a wise investment in sending you to Coms school. Finally, a good thread.
  • Lol... Uncle Sam has no idea I exist. I chose to invest in my brain and yes...Uncle Sam paid for all of it.

    Thanks for stopping in. All inputs are welcome. You'll be surprised that common knowledge everywhere else is not common knowledge in Micronesia....yet. With everyone's input, we will get there very soon.
  • Glad to see a Marine Cyber Network specialist in here. Hope you can enlight us with your experience and help this poor recruiting effort.
  • Great subject! I think we do the best with what we have left :). Brain drain is reversible and getting people informed and educated is a great way. The forum is great, social media too, write articles for kpress, start a blog, start a podcast, open your own radio station.... Let's get involved and share information.
  • @micromatter... lol, you scare me with your positive can-do attitude and we all could use a little bit in this time. I had a blog and will redo some of the contents before publishing. I am just starting threads now and will get more involved. I invite you to join us with your own twist on social media. My FB is updated daily with positive messages and lifehacks.
  • Thanks Lihndanpei. I'm a big believer in that positive can-do attitude. We all need to revert back to our childhood and look at the world in wonder and amazement and ask.. what is that? and that? but why? why?...and be delighted to just have answers.
    Let me encourage you and everyone here to start a blog and let your voice be heard. It's easier than we all think. Free blog platforms like, and googleblogspot allow us to blog for free and share our posts on FB, twitter, and even here.
    The power of social media is amazing. It has the power to change the pace, scale and cost of communication and its true power is influence. We're all on social media anyways, why not use it for good.
  • Lol... and that's why this thread was created. I really appreciate the support. Please post any links and information you have. I have a FB page on current prices and little events but can add more. I found the youth for change NGO and will say this new generation gets it! It is simply information that empowers people to act and produce change.
  • Need help with network monitoring software, any suggestions? I have tried Wireshark but I think its an overkill for home networks.

    Looking for a free, decent software with parental control. Any idea you techies?
  • Do you need to monitor the network or just check if Internet is working? I normally do a continuous ping and traceroute to check my network at home. When a network is over 100ms, you probably need to reboot your router. Speaking of router, depending on the model, you want to log into it and setup a Mac filter or set times for your children. if you want two hours, set it on the router too. It's through the mac address so you want to take their phones or tablet and look for it.

    I normally have my kid use a galaxy with a google login I set up. I can look at all the videos she's watching on youtube and remove subscriptions I don't like. It takes years to explain that fake information is as convincing as real ones on youtube.

    Best way to set specific computer controls is through group policy in a domain controller. That is an overkill for a kid. If it was easy and free, I'll be out of a job.

    As a parent, you want to explain to your children that Internet is a privilege much like having a money allowance. Only let them use a user account with no administrator privileges to install or change system setup. I know most parents have their kids on tablets, you should monitor their account from your computer and check the browsing history. I hate to say this but violating your kids' privacy will be a norm to keep them safe from online scams and online predators.

    Getting a kid online is like opening the pandora's box. Children in US have get training about kidnapping and dealing with predators online. In FSM, it is really is up to the parent to keep this going at home and reminding them the risks of being online. If this doesn't apply to you then let me know what specific parental control you want, blacklisting certain sites is harder than whitelisting websites you want your kid to look at.
  • Thank you lihn.

    I'm not much of a network person as you can tell. I have a have a very old Linksys router (WRT 54G2 V1) . I think they made these things when Fred Flintstones was still alive. I have a Motorola modem running through the router which connects to a Ethernet port on a window 10 pro machine.

    I have wired and wireless devices sharing that access point. I guess what I need is something to monitor that access point as far as incoming and outgoing traffic from these different devices (about 12 total).

    Yeah, going the domain way is too heavy for me, I'm kind of thrifty and want everything free...and easy. lol

    I'm debating whether I should tweak the firmware with a 3rd party option to add more features like parental control or just get a new one. Like I said I'm kind of cheap so I might decide to just run the risk of bricking my router with an outside firmware. That would force me to buy a new one :):-).

    And I do agree with you, these kiddos online activities need to be monitor 24/7.
  • That router is not that old and it as 802.11g, not that bad for home settings. Routers are getting cheaper online. I got a router on Amazon, dual band router for $45. Now that is cheap and took less than 2 weeks to get here and now supporting 8 laptops, a desktop and 4 phones last time i checked. I wouldn't change anything on your router if i were you. Not worth the time. Invest in a new one and you'll see the difference in speed and range.

    You're doing too much if you need to monitor the traffic. There are ways to look at who's watching what. That's kind of my trade secret. Just keep it simple and talk to your kids. They are smart and will know when it's time to get offline and go get some exercise outside.
  • BTW lihn can you throw a rock with a message attach FSMTC's way to have them fix their online streaming radios? Not sure if it's their end or my browser is not catching the stream. thanks
  • Lol... if you read the great message from micromatter. Having steaming radio is very old technology and they just need to record podcasts and send them. Much better sound quality and you can store and play them back in episodes. I use to like the rong tohrohr skids growing up and now realized that some have a very liberal agenda, I'm semi-liberal but not that far left leaning. Instead of using Telecom's website, Pohnpei broadcast should invest into getting on some of the channels available for iLoveRadio or Itunes channels. I've seen a few Micronesian artists get on the audio shopping lists and was very impressed.
  • That should be something we can look at in our future projects. I'm sure the Broadcast commissioner would want to consider other options to broadcast the local radio to everyone.
  • Understandable. Yes I'm aware of the existence of podcast and content creation. I guess what I'm looking for is a live delivery of information like voting results coming from a more official source. When I was away, I used to enjoy listening in during KSL live sessions and that's a great way to stay informed for those that are abroad.

    With mobile apps like TuneIn and iheart radio, these streams become mobile also with your carrier data plan as the only limit.

    I went through the hoops and bs at Microsoft to publish a similar app (experimental using java script and html 5) through the Microsoft app store only to find these streaming urls dead, rendering the app useless. lol. I'm working on a XAML/C# version and hopefully to jump over to android/java.

    I hope other options of live streaming is considered in the future. thank you.

  • Just wait for the newly drafted EO President Trump is toying for the FAS comes out. This could be one way to reverse the brain drain epidemic that is causing nervousness in the FSM. This could also reverse the WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME syndrome in the FSM especially in Chuuk hopefully.
  • I see your point. Dully noted. I'll not a streaming expert but I've done a little using some freeware i found on sourceforge. Lol...yes, iheart radio is the streaming service i had in mind. Lol... you seem to know a lot for an average user. We could use some input from you on what's on demand.
  • @LukeNate, it is very sad to see US kicking people out but I understand as a hard working citizen watching people ride through life on my hard earned tax money. I pay tax on every cent I made even working over 10 hours overtime in one week when work requires it. I feel bad for the children and the bright future they will lose in the school system.

    Coming home in mass would cause a revolution with huge culture differences. It's a harsh time for immigrants in the US. FSM citizens always have family and our lands here so that's should be comforting in my opinion.
  • In his remarks to FSM citizens living in Hilo President Pete Christian informed them that the Government of the FSM has retained a law firm in DC to, among other myriad things, review the Trump EO and provide comments for the FSM. Yeah, while it is true that we are worried about the ripple effects of any action against FAS citizens it should be noted that we are in a completely different situation from the illegal/undocumented immigrants and refugees caught up in Trump's inhumane action against these unfortunate groups. We are here by means of the US-FAS COFA Treaty and did not leave home to escape genocide by our governments. If we have to leave we can always come home the way we left-no retribution upon arrival as in the case of the late Senator Benigno Aquino. We have kkon, we have puna, ebwet, and of course our vast lagoon blessed with bountiful marine edibles.
  • moving thread up the current list.
  • @LukeNate. TirowWannior shared an important fact about coming back home. Just don't be surprised if people will view us as foreign lifestyle-loving individuals.

    One lady manage to tell me that it's not how "lien Pohnpei" behave when I tell them to mind their own business and not back the old mentalities and push for dual citizenship. Most families will break apart and those left here will have to face the harsh facts about adjusting back to a 3rd world basics of living. I'm having a hard time not because of the hard conditions. I have an AC but would rather go outside and find shade when it's too hot. Fishing and farming is easy. The real issue about coming back home is living in PEACE. Our culture promotes begging, nosing into personal business and my least favorite, slow progression and the humble culture slows down everything to a point of stopping if you don't keep asking people to do their basic jobs because it's too offensive to be forward and honest about your professional views.

    The more people get back here, the faster development will be. I don't believe the current population realize how slow Pohnpei is in everything, driving, bagging grocery, getting to the main point of the conversation and getting things done in general. On that note, I will give my Kudos to the Ace Office Supply team and FSM immigration office. They did well on my visits.

    Let's all hope the US administration keep FSM location in mind. We have nothing to offer, not even in military enlistments. There are very few Micronesians compared to Polynesians. $130+ million annually in COFA will soon look like a waste to many tax payers trying to find affordable medical insurance and pay rent. This is where FSM citizens need to plan ahead and start prepping to get their legal papers in place and maybe get to border gateways in Guam and Hawaii when this happens.

    Those of us who changed our citizenship have this fear a long time ago. We have make necessary changes in case FSM loses the compact. On a very positive note, the local leaders are following the world news and will come up with something. There's plenty of fish and local produce for everyone here. I hope people start spending vacations back here planting. Too many empty houses and lands covered by invasive weeds.

    Isn't this what we need to get all the talents back in our country? I get the well paying jobs and convenience of living in US. What I don't get are the many without jobs living abroad. Why not come home and start a produce farm, chicken and pig farm or fish? You make little cash being your own boss and best part is no rent. Food is fresh and cheap at Saimon's market. I can go on and on about the positive aspects of coming home. Have a productive Monday everyone.

  • No point coming back to pohnpei.
  • There's family and love for our home country. Enjoy America and that new home. We'll stay in the sun and enjoy fishing :) Both are great life options.
  • I have many reasons why I have chosen to come back to the states. I LOVE Pohnpei, but not the politics, not the people, and not the things of it.
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