FSM President's Website

We need voluntary efforts for our President's website.

Any freelancing dynamic web developer around? We need this addressed asap. No Dreamweaver or Joomla mediocre users either. A real web design person with javascript and Mysql experience please. I'm pretty sure we can approach the administration with a good pitch. I speak Mwokillese like the president and hope he can appreciate the initiative. Inbox me directly. I can work with remote people too.


  • Submit a sample to the President. They have webmasters in permanent positions but you are right the sites does not fit the Offices and I am sure salary maybe too much comparing to their site works..
  • I am going to submit a full revision during the pitch. These so called webmasters (out dated term) need to watch their jobs closely. It will soon be extinct. Web app development is taking over. HTML5 and JSP is hard to find in Micronesian government pages.
  • A site take 4 hours to park with full relative table css fit for desktops, tablet and smartphone displays. Tsk tsk....smh.
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    I think it is not necessary to develop a website from scratch when there are available web development tools anyone can use for building a responsive website, which can be compatible with all devices. Content Management System (CMS) web platforms is a database driven website with CSS, Java, PHP, and etc., so to me, it is enough to use for website development here in FSM.
  • @kevlo, kaselehlie and thanks for the input. I get many of my templates online and personalized all my pages and contents within my local web server installed with NetBeans. CMS is what we used at my old job to manage a huge web app for HCM and financials. It's a great way to build and manage multiple websites with a huge database. It's a great direction for a growing IT consulting business. I will look more into it.
  • Forgot to mention Microsoft's online computing platform Asure. I am still looking into feasible solutions for Micronesia. Don't need to sell them huge websites or apps yet. Just an upgrade for now until i recruite a full web developer. My specialty is Server systems administration, desktop/POS endpoints management and disaster recovery. I am trying to pick up and wear my old web development hat. Been off the website development for over 3 years. Got a refresher course recently.
  • I do agree that Microsoft Azure is one of the best cloud computing platform, and by the way, I am still using Microsoft Web Matrix 3 because it’s free even though Azure already replaced it. Anyway, I really like Microsoft Azure because it integrates cloud services—analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web apps and portals. I have the Azure free account, and cannot really explore its features because it requires subscription to develop a fully functional application. Thanks for this discussion and hope more IT folks will start sharing their inputs.
  • Sadly, I found many network engineer newbies than developers and one db programmer. I need a UI specialist and a tech PM along with me to complete my team. Any pointers? Feel free to inbox me any references. I'm about to publish our startup site and our mission statement. Marketing and recruitment in full throttle.
  • We are building a Micronesian team. I'm sure we have the talents out there in US or abroad. Local pride thing :)
  • tirow...tirow...

    i look forward to seeing an all-Micronesian computer website and software development team. Instead of anticipating Micronesians outside of Micronesia who have the appropriate skills to return to Micronesia, we can start training people here in Micronesia. The Modern age of Information has had a great impact on education. Look online and you can find websites that can teach you how to code in different language (Java, Ruby, Python, C++, HTML, Javascript) and its all for free! Look on khanacademy or codeacademy. sign up and begin learning how to web design, write code, and develop websites.

    There are websites that can help you develop your own online store and sell products, all you need is an email and the willingness to teach yourself. there are websites that help you put together websites. I have used these websites to teach myself. look at wix.com.

    There are websites called MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) where you can learn anything for free. you enroll into a class and do the assignments. All lectures are in video format so you can rewind and take notes as long as you want. Here is the link openeducation.blackboard.com
  • @tirowwannior. I am very happy to hear another great input. We are starting an incubator first and have a certification roadmap for each IT specialty.

    I already brought my books and training materials from Cali and hope to find more online. Are you on the island? We'd like to get input and support from everyone.

    Kalangan lap!
  • Almost forgot to mention our backgrounds. UH graduates, jr IT tech and former web master.

    I believe in cross training and have over 10 year in Point of sales for both desktop and mobile apps with merchant ids and paypal.

    My specialty is system admin, networking, end point system management and disaster recovery. I used to write IT training guides, security and privacy policies along with the whole IT knowledge base creations.

    We could use more web and app development tools. My go to training site is Lynda.com. I pay for subscription to both lynda and linked in to get the latest tech trend and keep up with the tech community online.

    I could use more training in Php, java, sql and c++. I used to refuse to code because i have my head stuck in administration and networking. I will beat myself to learn it now. Micronesia is such a great learning place. Less shopping and tv distractions.
  • @lihndanpei

    That great to hear of your initiatives! Unfortunately, I am both on-island and off-island if that makes any sense. So these initiatives are taking place on Pohnpei I presume?

    Yes, if you would like to learn how to code or have people who are interested in learning C++,Java,Javascript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Python, etc. please visit codecademy.com

    It looks like you have much experience in your field! Are you working with any company in FSM or the FSM govt? or do you consulting work?
  • ......so are we getting any result from this discussion, with improvement of the website? Are appropriate persons in the President's Office taking these suggestions into serious consideration?

    Let's hear it from you Paleikir boys.
  • Yes. We're in Pohnpei and we're already getting our professional evaluation list ready @sinbad. Unlike these IT consultants here, we're doing all our work with prepared documents, training behind the pitch, the actual website for demo and bilateral contracts before the meetings.

    I've worked in software for a while and write procedures and policies. We are doing our work with anticipation that we might get screwed over for our hard earned work. Thanks for the comment and keep the talents pitching in. I've already send free suggestions to the FSM education site and this site requires more than just suggestions. This is the president and I intend to blow some socks off. Any help is appreciated.
  • Heard that Palikir Boys are already organized by the former and the new President to establish an IT Unit, and they will also responsible to redo and develop all Executive Branch websites. An RFP is already posted for interested individuals and companies to provide services detailing in this link http://www.ict.fm/documents/communications/fsmgictn/fsmgictn-reoi-final.pdf. If interested, go ahead and submit your proposal.
  • Be careful, she might be a Fed. She is too smart to be a local submarine, lol.
  • oh no... little me went to Comfsm. :)
  • Glad to hear that, I mean read that, lihndanpei. I will be straining my eyes and ears for any progress.
  • @Sinbad... lol, no need to strain your eyes my friend. I will personally message you the progress if you need it. Just ask and you shall receive :)
  • Interesting thread.
  • lihndanipei, whoever you are, please inbox me.....or call me @ 320-2548 regarding the website. ma koa joh kak call, pls joa loakloakoa pwe koalik nehn oawoamwen ah ngoa pil ni men kiladal ma pil mine koanngen nehn moangomwen, nehn oawoamwen oar doari mine koannge....ok
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    All of u who are concern about this issue, where were u guys when the President's Office is desperately looking for smart people like u?????? well anyways, songen kine en me i pahn pil kawehkihla mwahl ahi ansou, ah kumwail sou pisek, kumwail wia dahme pahn mwahu ohng kumwail,
  • Mwahne kowe me pan kolha pek,
  • Everyone, please keep it down. This is not to criticize the website but to offer professional help. This is our country we're talking about and we need to tone down the offensive talk. I will finish my demo and come visit @mfred. I'm sorry but our team is not ready yet. We just finished our 2 brainstorming session. Any information you need, please email me. I'll inbox my email address.

    Again, Please accept our apologies for being "loud". We don't mean any disrespect. Just brainstorming to recruits talents for the President's website project. We are on route to develop a demo.

  • Everyone need to calm down and pitch in information and know how's. We really need help to move as fast as we can to address this.
  • This is a professional only thread. I beg all to tone down any offensive comments to save our own face. Yes, I do have respect for our leaders.
  • Sorry people, i don't need your "PROFESSIONAL" help here.....k
  • I believe everyone in the government needs IT help. I've done an extensive review and evaluated numerous websites. You can ask Kevlo and other IT professionals in here. I've also volunteering information to others. I will keep offering my help where it's needed.

    If you don't want it, you don't need to listen to it. Just be nice back is all I ask. I'm trying to be humble and professional here.
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