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HI all,

My family of 2 Army vets is relocating to PNI. Any Vet services or point of contact locally? I saw a flyer at the post office to call a number. Not a lot of description on it, the FB Vet pages seem to be idle for years now. I appreciate any help.


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    Happy New Year Lih En Danpei. Call governor Petersen he may have info on your inquiry. Petersen or the president chief of staff, Leo falcam jr.
  • The nearest VA office is in Guam. Just google it for their contact info.
  • Of course, FM. He just wanted to know if there is a local Veteran group.
  • I would hope we have a local group. My Vet man needs male friends when he arrives. Would be nice to have a group with a something in common. I found the handful that left for the army with me back in yr 2000-2010.
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  • Newly formed 'US Veterans of Pohnpei FSM ' will be meeting this evening 01.11.2017 at 1800 at the interim office in Sokehs at Eugene Kohlers residency.

    Call 320-1329 for further details and directions.
  • Hi Biz,
    Thank you for the information. I'll drop in for a quick meet and greet. I hope our female GIs shows up.
  • i hope you made it to the meeting as i wasn't able to.

  • Me and my old pals showed up. Not really what I expected. Just not into the NGO stuff coming from clubs where we earn our own way and volunteer so much of our time. PR out there is much different than here. I'm on the fence with the new group.
  • the NGO is the basis where this new group will start from. without it we won't be recognized legally.

    volunteerism is a key component of any Non government or Non profit organization, so you ought to fall over the fence and join us make this new organization a shining example of how military veterans give back to the community!
  • Lol... I hope we do the trust example and catch me if i fall on my back. I have offered my services to punch you guys into the internet cloud. I'm happy to help.
  • im glad that you're onboard! looking forward to working closely with you and the gang..
  • I'm a vet. Came back to pohnpei and had done my share of volunteer work. Couldn't get any of my VA stuff done on the island. I'm now in the states, No run around a by the VA. Got medical stuff squared away and just got my VA housing loan approved.
  • Lemme guess....Sten jang Kepinle?
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  • Another Mwokillese Vet. Great to have people chiming in. Hows the lines at the VA hospital? I never went to claim anything. Just GiBill and work study.
  • There are no lines. Walk in, walk out. Easy as pie, no run arounds.
    To all that's​ about to PCS out of the mil, pls take care of your VA stuff before heading back home.
  • Lol... did that and took care of experience and school enrollment before coming home. Most don't know that you can take classes online and collect BAH of your US address. Many degrees are full online. Even the state Universities unless you're in a very practical field like medicine or engineering.
  • Applied school online from pohnpei, you don't need US address to do online classes.
  • $3000 some for cali vs $800 Pni address... I pay rent and work fulltime which makes the BAH extra. Most take classes and neglect experience.
  • @biz e, I have a request. Can you guys consider changing the by-laws to inlcude 10% of members to make decisions? The current one is not reasonable and not something I will ever consider joining. My IT services are still on the table.
  • how about we go for 51% to make a decision..

  • That's a democratic norm. Many can vote online through a FB page or other media. No need to meet in person for voting. It's a great suggestion. Keep us posted.
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    i appreciate the fact that the interim officers, led by Eugene Kohler had taken the critical steps in organizing, even securing an office space at the executive building with the Lt. governor.

    but more than anything i commend them for taking the initiative and fast tracking the organizational structure, chartered and ready, as our legit vehicle - to enhance a unified voice as US veterans from Pohnpei - for ours' and our returning veterans tomorrow and for many years to come perpetually as allowed by our initial and amendable bylaws.

    Pohnpei veterans had never been unified before as such and i am hopeful and willing to work with this interim group of motivated organizers in accomplishing all their immediate goals that will set us up and propel us into the future as a strong and self sustained organization.

    We are now given the opportunity to partake in the processes within our community that would help our fellow citizens of our beloved Pohnpei.

    I think with your help with our online infrastructure, we can take advantage of this technology to streamline and expedite our communication challenges as you've suggested above.

    Kalahngan oh Ni Wahu..

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