how do we tackle this problem? especially during the holidays?


  • Enforce the existing laws. We have comprehensive laws that are not being enforced. For example, the off-sale law requires that you cannot open liquor on premises of sale. Instead, police-owned stores are selling 151-proof bottles in plastic bottles at $1 a pop. Stores do not even card buyers so minors buy liquor directly. Those selling to minors are not prosecuted even if they are caught. Real Solution: we pay the police better so they can have competent and satisfied police to do their jobs. We will never find competent police if we continue to pay them at $205 biweekly before taxes ($168 take-home).
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    I agree with microsprings!

    In pohnpei, we're hoping that the new director, Mr Cantero, will do the right thing regarding pay and professionalism in the work place.

  • The community should step up in enforcing the law to report those stores or individuals that violate the law.
  • If there are no drinkers, there are no liquors. If there are no liquors, there are no drinkers.

    Go back to the family. Teach values. With values, people will be of good character, and with good character, problems diminish.
  • think carefully before you want to make your child happy during holiday seasons. you know that money is the key to open up any doors. why not start with us, and move on outside help like making sure law enforcers do their jobs through the assistance of your community leaderships and work it way up the ladder to the highest post in the land. without the effort educating our children while they are already exposed to alcohol and drugs, it will only become a class room subject or course that they only know about it but not motivated enough to disengage from doing it like any kids in town. talking from a personal point of view friends. I was once lived and experience it and speaking it no joke and I now hated what I did in the past but all I could and been doing is move forward with my life.
  • imagethe root of the problem lies in families. you can put extra control, don't sell to underage children.
  • More stringent enforcement of the drinking law should really be exercised and seriously considered. If it is the problem of the law enforcement officers for not having the guts to get down on alcoholic beverage abuses, then they should be the ones to be replaced with ones who are more knowledgeable and capable of handling situations.

    Too often we see drunks getting disorderly and obscenely misbehaving in public and other places. These are the kind of times that the Public Safety should pay more attention to and exercise their duties and authority.

    I'm not saying that all officers are like that. We must also remember those who try diligently to keep our places safe and secured. They should be rewarded and given incentives. They have sacrificed their time away from their families just to enable the public to enjoy a peace of mind. So for that, I SALUTE THEM with all my heart. I thank them and their families, their kids, most especially, for here we are celebrating these joyous holidays with our families and these kids are not with theirs. Kinisou ngeni kemi pwonis.
  • Ban liquor legalize weed
  • Moving this up the thread list.
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  • It's not fair I am a man at 18 but not man enough until 18.
  • It is a problem only if we make it a problems...in the islands, who is to say that drinking at 18 is underage/minor drinking? Why are we adapting to western thinking when we know it doesn't suit us?
  • Like some Americans point out....how is it illegal to drink at 18 when the government trusts you to hold a gun and defend the country at the same age?
  • good point, i asked that very question when i was under the age of 21 while serving in the US armed forces.

    we should probably ask our policy makers to consider debating this ..

  • Maybe not total ban but some regulations where we could manage it better.
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