Traditional titles of Pohnpei?

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Would anyone know where I can find a book or perhaps know someone who knows the ranking of Pohnpeian chiefs from the highest to the lowest within each king and within each chiefdom


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    At the final stages of the Governor Del Pangelinan's administering period, the people (not sure who exactly) who were basically responsible for our tradition secured Del's approval that they would bury all documents pertained to our cultural tradition which was inclusive of what you wished to find out... our traditional titles from the villages' level (mwaren kousapw), up to the municipal level (mwaren wei) and to the royal tops (mwar koanoat). Governor Johnny David assisted them to bury those documents few feet away from the Spanish Wall and today you can see the frame of that grave standing without roofs.

    Saddest of all, those documents weren't even reviewed by anyone or possible people that might knew more, but they were buried anyhow. It could only be dug up by the year 3,000 AD as mandated by a piece of legislation.. which of course like other pieces of legislation could easily be amended. The main intention of burying those documents, as rumor goes, was to preserve the real and true stories, histories and legends, plus the languages, titles, names of clans... etc, etc and more etc.

    Bottomline, there's absolutely nothing that's officially published, however there are tons of scattered pieces all over the island and out there. You take people like Mr. Damien Sohl and his colleague, they actually came up with the first Pohnpeian dictionary and even a new revised edition and published them. There are few more published stuff but for children stories and teachers, but we do not have anything like what you asked readily available, at least online. There were few elementary school's legend booklet that might have few stuff including traditional titles. Your only ways of accessing them would be if you have a relative or friends working at the Pohnpei Department of Education who might know one or two sources. Good luck!
  • By the way, I've given you clues like amending the legislation so the grave could be dug up and documents' retrieve, befriending a guy or gal at the state department of education to give you list of titles and how much are you willing to pay if I can give you more information... Ha ha ha!!!
  • sure i can help... the highest title in the chiefdom is Soupohnpei... the highest title in the section level is Nahnpohnpei .. hope tht helps
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  • AwayFromHome,
    Maybe you can get a hold of Mr. Kolden Manuel. He had written books about Pohnpei and traditions. I hope these books can be found at the Pohnpei State Department of Education because that is where it was intended.
  • We all are at least in some unique ways...hows is the fish school in chuuk your highness skipper (sinbad)?
  • Utero is bullshitting.
    The Sopwunpi was a cult imported into Chuuk from Pohnpei so I've heard.. Pohnpei or Fonupi 'Land of stone enclosures' as it was called by the Chuukese was rife with cults who used basalt as shrines/altars.. A local clan imported this cult into Chuuk, established themselves around the Nepukos area and called the area Sapwen Pei - Sopwunipi 'District of Pi'... Thus the worship of Soukachaw was started in Weno on Tonachaw and the subsequent mythologies followed...

    Is this all true? I really don't know...
  • Once knew a ex Pat who was given a pohnpeian title. It translated to baldy with a red face. He said he was given that Title after a Sakau ceremony because when he got inebriated his face got all red plus the fact that he was also bald.
  • Anyone care to explain the title Soukiohlap in Pohnpei? Thanks
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