Diabetes and a Local (FREE) Solution...

Diabetes is rife throughout the FSM, and so are Mangoes!

Check this out: http://www.viral4real.com/mango-leaves-tea-cure-diabetes/

Could be the cure is in your back garden!


  • Kalangan en komwi OceanDot for sharing the information and for being an NCD advocate. I think the solution is not as simple as it may seem. What we really need to do is to change our policies, environments and way of life. For example, right after the WWII and going back years before that the only health problems were related to diseases from the environment like mosquito's and those STD's. We had no diabetes, no cancer no hypertension, no NCD's nada. The way we lived and ate those day's kept us as one of the healthiest people int he world without NCD's. Infact, the first Hypertension study was conducted in 1970's on a project that was funded by the US because 30 year's earlier the Navy found that Pohnpeian's were very healthy.

    Today we are one of the highest NCD countries in the World per population. In Pohnpei for example I think the number is more than 1 out of 3 people perhaps 1 and a half or almost 2 out of 3 people have NCD's or will develop them in their lifetime.

    We have one of the highest rates of Cancer's, Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in the world.

    We need to change the way we live, e.g. instead of eating sugar for our meals perhaps you can use Nutrition based sugar not processed; instead of regular salt why not try ocean salt; instead of vegetable oil why not use coconut cooking oil instead; instead of riding you car to work why not buy a bike and ride a bike or walk; instead of dining out why not buy vegies from the local markets and cook healthy food instead?

    You get the point right? Nonetheless, we all need to be educated and aware of all what we need to do to reverse the NCD crisis.

    Thank you
  • Yes I fully understand and I commend you on your stance also. I wish, for the sake of the public at large in the FSM that people in positions of power could have the same understanding and mental conviction as you posses, only at that time will things change. That realisation needs to get fixed in at governmental level. The only way it will get there is by the demands of the local populace.

    It all starts with the people.
  • lOl@erectile dysfunction,

    Start drinking mango leaves and keep your wife happy.
  • Indeed, where the MAN GOES the women will follow!
  • My ex once said, where I go you come. She didn't go so I didn't cum.
  • Rely on our local goods and so we can cut import goods that are full of DIABETES
  • Simple solution:Resort back to the diet our ancestors had.
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