Gi Bill at COM-FSM and work-study with US Federal Min wage $7.25

I couldn't believe it when I see it. As long as your eligible (10 yrs not 36 of Gi-Bill), you can apply for work study at a college approved by VA or an VA service location. I don't know if VA is all true but would like to know for sure. Anyone in PNI has any good info?

"If you are training in the Republic of the Philippines, American Samoa, Guam, Midway, Wake Island, any of the islands in the Federated States of the Marshall Islands, the Republic of Micronesia, or the Republic of Palau, your claim will be handled by the Muskogee Regional Processing Office."


  • oh yes... the VA switch the govt forms of Marshalls and FSM. Shame shame...(bells of GOT)
  • I was sent literature from the University of Georgia, where my daughter is, that quite clearly outlines that Micronesians are not permitted work-study. It wasn't what I had asked for, but it was in the document forwarded. I'm not sure how that affects those of us who once were forced to wear salad themed clothing and were provided free personal trainers.
  • Wow... that's news to me! So I see the point here was for Micronesian with FSM Citizenship. I will now ask about US citizens going to school in Micronesia. I've used work-study before at a VA mental clinic in California but still haven't seen details posted anywhere. Most of us have changed our citizenship status due to various reasons...DoD or our command security clearance requirements. I do understand the limitations on status of a foreign citizen and do agree it's unfair when it's spelled out under the Gi-Bill pamphlet or the site. Sadly, VA will always look after US citizens over other nationalities.

    College of Micronesia accepts the GiBill for those who wants to go back after their service and questionable on the work study for US Citizens. It's a good way to get extra classes while starting a business or build a home. Perhaps we can use this to attract more students (no necessarily FSM citizens) to boost the college enrollment and bring money to our home country.

    On a different note, going back home means looking for jobs that are not available to non-family candidates. Having the option to do work-study benefits both the college and the student.
  • Post your questions to the US Embassy Kolonia FB especially during military recruitment ceremonies.
  • Ain't the GI Bill for those who are in the US military and those that served their contract? To be eligible for the GI Bill you must be a servicemen or prior servicemen.
  • Correct, Rastaman. GI is the acronym for General Infantry. The GI Bill provides educational assistance for U.S. military servicemenbers, their dependants, and veterans.
  • Update: I'm finally on the island and saw a few Vets going back to COMFSM to finish their education. Sadly, the COM-FSM national campus haven't changed the curriculum and credits will not make much difference when transferring to a university in USA. I decided to keep my enroll online with California State University and DeVry to finish my two majors and start working on Masters.

    Best use of the GI bill is to enroll with US colleges online while visiting or living in Pohnpei and get the monthly BAH from your US state address and find a job in Pohnpei for additional income if need be. Here's a sad truth, the FSM or Pohnpei State government will try to low ball anyone with real experience & education and pressure you to take the low wage. DO NOT lower your worth because they cannot understand the current professional pay rates around the world. I have seen the budget in my hand and will tell you that both government can employ all of you looking to come back home with the US minimum wage. JUST ASK and debate your way through the stupid bureaucracy. To put this into a GI terms, PUNCH YOUR WAY into their skulls.

    I'm very frustrated with my home and want to extend the invitation to anyone with skills to come back and drag our country from the 2002 into the 21st century. Development is impossible without the workforce, all the educated generations with lots of talent and skills living in US and abroad. A huge need for civil engineers here and architects.

    On a funny note, don't worry about the old people currently in office, they love sugar and rice. Who knows....maybe the diabetes guarantee jobs in the near future. I'm sorry, I can't help my sarcasm.
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