Islam and Micronesia

There are now mosques in the Marshall Islands and also Kosrae State, and soon, Chuuk


  • Theres only one(1) mosque in the Marshalls and if im not didn't the kosraens said no to islam or a mosque being built on kosrae. Anyways both FSM and RMI recognizes the right to practice any faith you chose.
  • hey PNI soon this will washed on our shore. So what do we do if it did come in? Does PNI to see and treated them similar to what we're hearing in here?
  • if you're a Christian, then please share where in the good book (Bible) which says that Christian is to avoid non-Christ believers? Isn't the bible says that Christians are to treat their enemies with open arms because they (believers of Christ) had been adopted into the God's family circle who loves their enemies or those who are not among His flocks?
  • kosrae citizens should be ashamed for allowing the ban of muslims to practice their religion, if there is a real ban on building their mosques there.
  • No Muslims or mosque will he built on Kosrae so long as we Kosraens have anything to say about it. Try built that damn mosque and it will burn down accidentally over and over again.
  • sound familiar as I read how the gentiles were treated by those whom God chose to show the whole world what kind of God He was and is still and forever. No wonder why Jewish scribes and Pharisees were against and killed their God in the flesh. Let's be true to ourselves if we're on the Christian side and show them who disbelieve the only God we know by how we share His love and forgiveness toward them. The most powerful message Christians can make is to let the love and grace that have saved them to others. No offense and God bless.
  • Hypocrites!!!! The great Ali would knock off your teeth for being so ignorant- oh, let me refrain my comment. Let us try this again shall we.

    Ali was a man of peace and a great ambassador of not only Islam nor his country of USA, but he transcends what the true meaning of being a humanitarian to the world meant as it truly defined his legacy as "the Greatest Of All Time" both in and out of the ring.

    I pray you will find the light in your hallways of darkness and corruption. Asalamalykum and Peace be with you.
    Show me...

    Use your everything to know your rights and how to protect your nation ... never forget that We are uniquely Micronesians...
  • Rastaman, the Constitution allows freedom of religion. Are you better as a Christian in the eyes of God over any other person not a Christian? You are acting very non-Christian denying the Muslims a place of worship. You know they pray to God, the same one you pray to after watching the girls in church on Sundays.
  • come one! come all! for when i leave this earth i am not taking anything even a spec of sand with me, but the memory of the fellowship i have with the people i meet on earth.
  • Ali was a draft dodger he ain't great. He only became a muslim to dodge being drafted. He is rotting in his grave as we speak.
  • Christianity is not allowed in muslim countries. In saudi arabia if a muslim convert to Christianity he or she will be killed.
  • False, muslim pray to Allah.. not our God. Burn down their building and send the Micronesians overseas to go worship their God...

    We do not need social complication by a fake religion...

    That same consitution that allow you freedom of religion is also the same consitution that could stop it.... NO MUSLIM IN FSM!!!
  • Send all MICRONESIANS TO THE MIDDLE EAST... In fact create a welfare system for them... their change in beliefs is not spiritual... MATERIALISTIC... CLOSE DOWN ALL MUSLUMS CHURCHES...
  • Islam is finally spreading this way. It took a couple centuries to reach us but now it is here and like all religions, it will take a while for it to sprout its roots. Micronesia needs spiritual guidance not only inside the churches, but also outside and in the home. This is where the Catholic and Protestant churches fail, they do not focus too much of what goes on in the communities or in the homes of their members. They only focus on Sundays and church sponosored activities which are mostly feasting and fund raising for feasting or their churches.
  • All the religions preach selfishly that they are the one and righteous one yet ---when Jesus came he said self righteousness is a sin... just love the Lord and one another with all your heart.. meaning abandon everything that is contrary to these...Love of country, money, religion, fame, hate, pride, greed, basically our ego needs to be turned off.
    Who are we to condemn Muslims when the Lord our Savior would no doubt sit and dine with them and invite them into His house just as He would to us?

  • No such thing as a Muslim church...
  • There are two mosque in oceania. One in Marshall and the other in Tuvalu.

    get them out while they can still breath...
  • Same mad voice screeching out of the wilderness when the first Christian missionaries started building their churches. Bless them. They didn't know then what we know now. LOL.
  • Burn the muslim churches before they start burning you!!!
  • Run, Trump, RUN!
  • Lol you're kindling is wet....
  • For a secular myself this is quite entertaining to see petty children fighting over whos God is the rightful ruler.To what religion is true.(Laughter).
  • I'm more than alright with whatever ethic race comes to visit or live in RMI.Long as they abide by the Laws.Respect the culture and other people.Our constitution gives religions the right to flourish amongst the kingdom.(which I don't agree with).
  • We secular people on the other hand throughout Micronesia that numbers up to a few sees both religion as garbage.Our voice is silent atm.We'll just sit back and do nothing as both battle it out for dominance.Quite entertaining for us...

    Who's going to take the throne? Lol.
  • Smoke some weed dude and relax.
  • @Rastaman/No thanks island kinsman.I dispise smoking.Healthy living is more valuable than vile substance eager to cut it short.

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