Palau tops the awards list at the Marine Diving Fair in Japan

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016 01:06

Once again, Palau topped the awards list at the Marine Diving Fair (MDF) in Tokyo, Japan. Held at the Sunshine City Convention Center Hall from April 1-3, 2016, this year marked the 24th year of the MDF event, where people who love the ocean seek the latest information on diving and beach resorts in Japan and abroad from over 200 exhibiting diving resorts, tourism boards, airlines, hotels and manufacturers.

PVA Marketing & Community Programs Manager and Tourism Industry Partners accepted the awards on behalf of Palau, which included First Place as Best Diving Area, Overseas and Second Place in Dreaming Area (second only to Maldives). First Place winners also included Palau Pacific Resort as Best Hotels for Divers and Palau Sport for Best Live-aboard. Aqua Magic also was awarded as Second Place and Day Dream as Third Place as Favorite Dive Operators.

During the three-day event, over 50,000 ocean lovers attended, 83% of which were divers, providing Palau with an excellent opportunity for exposure to the Japanese consumer travel market.

Palau’s high marine diversity, countless dive sites and World War II Wrecks continue to attract divers from around the globe, and the pioneering innovative ways that dive operators, hotels and resorts showcase the marine attractions are just some of the reasons that Palau is so well received at the MDF each April.

Plans are underway to attend the next Marine Diving Fair from April 7-9, 2017 to continue Palau's popularity in the Japanese Diving and Resort Traveler Market.

Coordinated by PVA-Japan Office, Palau's booths had a strong presence due to partnerships with the Palau Pacific Resort, Palasia Hotel Palau, Garden Palace Downtown Koror, Carp Island Resort, Dolphins Pacific, IMPAC Tours, Belau Tours, and Palau Sport.

The Palau Visitors Authority would like extend a big "Mesulang" to all tourism partners whose activities and services ensure Palau continues to receive top awards at these overseas fairs and trade shows.

Let us continue in our partnership, ensuring the sustainability of our Pristine Paradise. Palau.

For more information, please contact 488-2793/1930 or email {/reg}

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This is great news as we continue to aspire to be the premier destination for tourism which will provide for a vibrant economy and put money in our nation to grow. Palauans have come a long way and we are reaping the benefits of our hard-earned efforts and time spent in our nation-building.

May our friends follow our footsteps as we set a clear example that we can be successful in pursuing our national interests in this global environment.


  • Congratulations to Palau. Belas, your president is a visionary with good sense. His respect for the beautiful natural environment and diversity of marine life is helping to turn Palau into a world renowned destination for lovers of beautiful nature.

    Thank you for sharing. Please help to keep Palau beautiful, not only for Palauans and its visitors, but also for the entire world community, especially your close neighbors within the Pacific. Any negative impact on the environment in any part of the world, adversely affects other parts of the world too. Think about the contributing stressors and factors resulting in the depletion of the ozone layer and climate change.

    Please be careful the tourists are well informed and respectful to the environment. Those tourists from China who are disrespectful to the wildlife (think turtles) should be would not help Palau even with their tourist dollars. The increased numbers of tourists in Palau may even hurt the place in the longer term. Chemicals from sunblock and suntan lotions, soap, shampoo, human waste, solid waste can quickly damage the fragile ecosystems that need to thrive in order for the natural beauty of Palau to survive. Once these are damaged it will take many years for them to recover, if at all.

    So please beware of the dangers and pitfalls that are present when man desires too much for what can be supported by the environment. There is only one Palau and only one Earth. It is God Who created it and gave us the manual for taking care of it. We cannot replicate God's creation. Humans are disastrous.
  • Belas, don't give Chinese a foot. they are an infected race according to TruthIsThat.
  • You are putting words in my mouth. Just speak your own mind and support whatever your position is. You want money at all costs, state that and support it. You do not care about the environment. So state that and support it with facts and arguments.
  • Our love of our home island is evident in the numerous policies we have as a nation in place to regulate and preserve our pristine environment. It is for every citizens and foreigners to abide by. We pride ourselves in safekeeping our environment and it shows when you observe our own people from the elderly to the young practicing what is preached as it has always been even before there was a boom in tourism.

    All our islands are beautiful and unique in its own way so we must always keep them that way for generations to come.
  • Thank you. Please make sure the Chinese do not use the Palauans to break Palau's laws so they the Chinese can exploit the Palauans and their lands, as in the case of the humpheads.
  • Insensitive tourist antics will never be tolerated in Palau. Afterall, when you are in Palau, do as the Palauans do.
    It is only fair as they are purely guests in our house.

  • The opportunities are there throughout all our islands to prosper and profit from the beauty of all Micronesian Islands. May we offer inspiration always to the void that is waiting to be awakened in your respective islands.
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