Massy Halbert resigns from National Government....and then he

goes on a trip funded by the government representing TC&I.

His settlement agreement didn't say he had to stay resigned I guess.


  • Lelepek, was he guilty?
  • I heard there was a "settlement agreement" after his father-in-law directed the AG to drop the case. It never went to trial. Part of the settlement required him to quit his position at TCI.
  • shame on the AG.
  • This is connections at work. 99% of the time it's family connections that matter. Who cares if your talented or honest. Shame on these people.
  • one can be a private rep and travel for government...there's no law against it.
  • Family connection is right His sister working at the National Department of Education is even purchasing her own items using government money. Laptop, tablet and even cellphones for her and the husband.
  • noahs,

    that is not the discussion here....we're discussing if he can travel representing TT&I, a public agency
  • Depends on if he's signed a independent contract with the government.
  • There is a protocol when it comes to using government funds, tho I've seen people in high places waive these requirements.
  • Another fucken soap opera. You don't have anything better to post in here?
  • Hey my friend noahs salapwuk refrain from pointing fingers, you need to present what is constructive and your posting was not related to the topic of the discussion.....Be professional my friend..

  • We all need to leave this matter alone because if there is really a case our representatives that we all have elected to represent us in Congress are the rightful folks to address such cases. We can only make noise and I think we have done that.
  • DO NOT silent noahs. everything he posted is relevant and on the spot for this thread.
  • FSM boat is have sunken under the ocean so what? we just make noise and do nothing? We need to expose all these bad choices to all people and see how if it is going to make any difference in the next election. Like me go and find out the truth and tell all the people you meet up with in the stores in the rallies, in the sakau bars, at mangrove bay bar and everywhere in the church assemblies and all over. That is if we really need not to see these miss apps lives longer than it is today.
  • Noahs salapwuk,
    Can you prove what you just said about family connection? You should be ashamed of yourself for having a man's body with a woman's mouth...I need you to prove it before letting out of that stinky mouth...
  • It would be great to learn what really happened with his case. As for traveling on government fund, that is not illegal. Private people travel on approved government Travel Authorization and government people travel on private funded flights. So long as the TA is approved on the government side, then there really is no problem. It ain't like He controls the funds for TC&I.
  • he kind of controls millions of dollars for airport improvement projects on behalf of the FSM. He does control funds.
  • Airport project funds must be some kind of US Federal money. There must be some kind of system to monitor the money for optimized use on those specific project. So what are you saying here, Lelepek?

    I am certain the project money is properly accounted for.

    Furthermore, I think the issue on Massy is/was the question of his educational or qualification profile. Not the handling of airport project funds. Whatever program funds these projects still retain him as some sort of one to oversee that these monies and projects are being implented, progressive and complete. There hasn't been any legal proceedings against him for any of us to accuse him on anything.

    Now that it has been settled locally, it does not impede his responsibility over the Federal projects.

    So may we rest this case, please? Or else "toss the first stone."
  • No skipper! The only reason is that the case was settled out of the top leader's involvement to his son in-law case. You can find all the evidence you need online at FSM Supreme Court web page. Have you guys ever wonder the top gun (President) keep calling in people who he could control to be onboard? He says and they do. That is the name of the new game no matter what people will say.
  • Noahs salapwuk? I think u should be ashame of urself pointing fingers on family..which family did u come from..shame on u
  • I rest my case.
  • you're the man Noah salapwuk. the guilty conscience is unbearable. that's understandable in this instance.
  • saying your the man? Did u meant by noahs salapwuk have woman mouth..ewen lih???..cuz only woman likes to see bad things about others and i know what u meant!!
  • To make things easier for all, may I suggest you call up this number 926-8116.

    I am more than certain that the person being accused in here would be glad to have a one on one conversation with you to.

    For further questions or comments regarding connecting to the accused, My cell number is 924-2555... please fell free to call anytime or stop by at Pohndau Market in Palipowe, Nett daily from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

    Who knows, I might treat your anxiety to a cuppa kava... lol.
  • i never know we have woman's/man's mouth. no, what i meant was/is, he says what he has in his heart in regardless of the consequences.
  • For better, why don't you guys who have problem gulping down the very truth viper of this matter with ya kupa sakau try calling the office of FSM Auditor and ask for the information regarding findings or legit evidences discovered by an audit made and through the coordination of the office of the FSM Finance and Administration. This way we can validate if this story is true or just another bad tactics to insinuate the public. That's just a thought.
  • or let this rest. the decision had been rendered. like or no like, let's move beyond this.
  • True kinen. and also make this as good lesson when the next election comes around.
  • Serepeiin, that's
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