Here is something to be grateful for~!! GI and Veterans of United States Arm Forces

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow brothers and sisters (vets. and GIs of US AF) for all the help that you have given to my fellow country men and women from the Micronesian Islands. I have met many of you who have either stepped up to protect and defend our folks when they are either "lost" and/or being treated unfairly...

I have met many of you here in Hawaii, as well, as US mainland. I have been very grateful and very proud to see and know that many of you nonMicronesian GIs and Vets have been stepping up to the plate to protect and preserve the freedom and liberty in our country...

Mahalo and Kinisou Chapur... I do know that some of you do visit this forum...

A USAF Veteran from the North Pacific~ Chuuk, FSM


  • Just one thing my micronesian sisters and brothers in arms... please please stick to a MOS that is safer or safe.. Don't die out there dont die out there. Child justice, pwipwi spread the word . One request from the aloha brothers and sisters to micros out there. Keep on keeping on!
  • military occupation specialty
  • interesting views indeed.
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  • HAHA, WATIW your thumb, rete ekiekin pwe kopwe attack RA FEN ATTACK your first.... lol

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    Mwa met ei mwo epwe nenioch meren ei fefin Meze_ChUn. A chok ngaw mettoch meinisin meren. I think it's about time you go see your physician and psychiatrist for medical and psychological evaluation AGAIN. lol
  • LOL, a joke, dude!
    Ew kapasen non war zone... ururun officers repwe last ne salute... nge faekkoch RA akkomw for safety reasons...chon observe repwe do elimination based on ranks/salutes... pwan usumw chok... we are both guilty of that...
  • Ha! I ain't no serviceman, therefore, I ain't saluting to nobody. I was just complimenting those who served and those who are serving. If you don't appreciate the compliment, it's your choice. But don't go telling people what not to do. You don't know who you're dealing with. Ita mout na remw? Ke ekieki nge ka ris nap seni meinisin? Ka kan ita ekieki nge ke tipacheem seni meinisin? U pwan tongek eeee
  • You ok, man? LOL $O you no can handle jokes here... haha... KNOW THIS, "There will always be one higher and lower than you~ What's bothering? CJ looks higher? she is definitely aware of many things including what you are not aware of... but she ain't smarter nor higher...just uniquely weird and some.

    You see, mon. Your head is tricking you... you making conclusions from your own expectations and experiences... you remind me of my experience today... a guy tried to pay me to turn in my friends (basically say lies about them so they can be arrested) I am very powerful in that area...loyalty and protection... I can not be bought to lie and turn in friends... LIFE hanging out with street folks... they are definitely smarter than my college education... I am truthful and humble in my own right... you don't me... but you think you do... Saluting is not only a hand to head gesture... it is also done in words ... I am pretty sure you do know this...
  • Sorry Sinfully, if I hurt your feelings...
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    Esap pwan ina ussun. No, I don't know this, CJ/Meze. I only know finger signs, only two as a matter of lies. One goes to those I compliment the other goes to those who I think deserve, but I hardly give away the latter. lol
  • Pwe ita tipom pwe kan en io?
  • Wei? Met ei ka kan song ren, Ochi? You following my work or what? Siape Ren omw are giving away your ID, YOUNG MAN...You see, you think k you know me... YOU DO NOT UNTIL AND UNLESS YOU KNOW THE ME THAT IS DEEPER THAN OCEAN...

    Met, pwata ka ochupa AI ANGANG ME OMW PERSONAL OSUKOSUK? Repwe ne fen osukosuk chon sinei ai ANONON ren omw ei ka fen i... song, you got issues, iei ka watta ikei...omg...

    Met songen urumot, KE KA' IKA?

  • I heard the pni governor a vet and so is the Chief of staff to the president.
  • Can someone give us the Red Cross number to the FSM?
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    IC, ke chok urumwot. iwe o iwe.

    Tokyo, yes, and they deserve all the respect and appreciation for returning home to literally serve the islands.
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    MRCS, 691-320-7077; 8700; 3238.
    I h
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