Something for the obedient Sheep to ponder

Here's something for the white-washed, obedient followers and sheep of uncle sam.

This is an article from 2011, mind you, we have entered into several wars since then.
The demonization of Islam is something that benefits the rich, and all you sheep make it possible by falling for the bait.

This country is 200+ years old and only 20 years out of that was without war because they were in the great depression.

This is what you support. This is who you don't want to secede from. Wake up Micronesians.

There is your "red, white, and blue". The "land of the Free and home of the brave"



  • "only 20 years out of that was without war because they were in the great depression. "

    With respect, the Depression started in 1929 and America formally entered World War II in 1941.
  • You're right @Saudeleurleen. I was saying that the total is 20 years out of the 200+ years. And the depression is the longest where they did not have a war.
  • So why do you choose to remain in the middle of Uncle Sam's flock of "white-washed, obedient sheep." Come back home to Micronesia and help your fellow citizens. Let Americans take care of their own government. Wash off your white-wash and let your true colors shine.
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    White boy defending their scheme again. I'm actually moving to the Emirates in 2 weeks. I was blessed to have landed a job from my Muslim friends working IT for Abu Dhabi. Best believe Micronesia will one day have diplomatic and political ties with the middle east. Then maybe we will be taken more seriously by you guys. :)
  • Enjoy your new homeland, Makatutu. And obey all the Sharia laws.

    The UAE's judicial system is derived from the civil law system and Sharia law. The court system consists of civil courts and Sharia courts. According to Human Rights Watch, UAE's civil and criminal courts apply elements of Sharia law, codified into its criminal code and family law, in a way which discriminates against women.

    Judicial corporal punishment is a legal form of punishment in UAE due to the Sharia courts. Flogging is used in UAE as a punishment for criminal offences such as adultery, premarital sex and prostitution.

    In most emirates, floggings of Muslims are frequent with sentences ranging from 80 to 200 lashes. Between 2007 and 2013, many people were sentenced to 100 lashes. Moreover, in 2010 and 2012, several Muslims were sentenced to 80 lashes for alcohol consumption. Under UAE law, premarital sex is punishable by 100 lashes.

    Stoning is a legal form of judicial punishment in UAE. In 2006, an expatriate was sentenced to death by stoning for committing adultery. Between 2009 and 2013, several people were sentenced to death by stoning. In May 2014, an Asian housemaid was sentenced to death by stoning in Abu Dhabi.

    Kissing in public is strictly illegal and can result in deportation, kissing in public is a crime punishable by deportation. Expats in Dubai have been deported for kissing in public.
  • You speak as if I care about your immoral needs. Only in America, where sex is idolized and everything revolves around it. Go home white boy.
  • Yeah, drinking a cold beer is really immoral behavior. And kissing someone in public....outrageous! lol
  • I'm a full blooded Trukese Makatutu just as you are a full blooded Chuukese. For now I would rather have FactsMatter sitting beside me enjoying an Iced cold beer on NGASONO than you, my countryman.
  • @Kinen,

    It's amazing how strong of a hold systematic oppression has on people. You said it perfectly. You a Trukese, and me a Chuukese. Truk is a Caucasian word coined because they didn't like the word Chuuk. I refuse to be labeled that. I am Chuukese, and I understand why you feel that way. Trust me, this is not the first time I've muddied the water and messed with the ant hill. I've been around. It's a work in progress. Chuukese kids will eventually learn how to stand up and fight against what is wrong. Keep on with yourself, just remember that some dude on Micsem told you that you are under systematic oppression. We are not territories or freely associated states. We are colonies. Owned by the white man. Ask @FactsMatter he knows this very well.
  • Makatutu, (truk) is the ORIGINAL spelling for Chuuk. It's not an English word. I haven't seen oppression yet but discipline.
  • Lol... Met ei met ei?

    Onokkanan ussun ita nge emon e eriani kemi. Poutano kana esin kapas ika nge epwe esenipato koum me sachaunen nefinach.
  • Ach kei sine me wewe ra pwoputo seni ach sikun non noun reMerika pwuken sikun. Iwe ita met emon epwe ura, nge a too late ach sipwe epichi ewe eriri me epwipwi nefinach pwun a fen pwuk me mààr waren ewe echiechi fengen.

    Sipwap sopopsop porous pwun upwene mwo kepich senin emiis, UA SU NGANG WON WAI EI NIKUN KUUN, EPPINAS MEN KAN KOKOKKAI.
  • amoita epue wor menemenoch pun sisap riafou.
  • Good luck in Abu Dhabi there Makatutu, don't get your head chopped off.
  • Islam has not known peace for a thousand year. Ever since Mohammed was alive he fought wars until now his followers are still making wars.
  • Kinen, ion e eoronuk pun Truk fosun Chuuk? Fite yearum onu?

    Sinbad, ika sie aiti ekei kukun iwe ina repwe wateta nge ra sinei ifa usun ar repwe approach me angang ngeni ei muu re nemenikich.

    Rasta, ina ina na ekieki mei pwech re won e wor neur moni re fotuki ne mokuren lay men sia feiengaw ren.
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    Usap sinei. lol

    Ese nemeni kich. Nge e chieneni me anisi kich
  • INa na ma sia chefene ren. Sise weweiti pun ese chieneni kich pun e nemeni kich. Systematically. Ouwe rongorong ngeni neuch kana neuwis pun ra teper. Ina Peter ina epwe wisen nikesiwini kos meren kei furio.
  • Enan niwach Makatutu, ese wor e ureniei itechekin iten Chuuk pue u pusin sinei seni ai kewe newo. Ina popun people outside of Chuuk archipelago called Chuuk (ruk or truk) silent (t) in the old days. NOT an English word.
    Mwa ka i umwes Makatutu. Amo uwa sinei ika met uncle Sam ese ngonuk ina ke kon sangau ngeni inspite of all that you are reaping from him.
    Esap kan ngang onu mwa Makatut. ngang emon aramas puan usum chok. Maybe you are prettier than I am, nge ita upue fetei inetien lang. ke puan kan tunojif. Ai Tong ngonuk.
  • @Kinen, onu as in six. Use tutunochif. Ghost is enu. A mwus tipisum pun ina kese sine fosun Chuuk.
  • Use era fosun merika Truk. U era it was coined by the foreigners pun rese sine, rese sani Chuuk.
  • Maii kich meinisin benefit seni uncle sam pun re fori seni chok nom. Esapw ngang chok ei u nanangaw. Chon Africa, Mexico, South America, Mid East, meinisin fonu e wor an merika influence wor ra nanangaw ar ra sineto mwokutukut nge a ser nupwan.
  • "Truk is a Caucasian word coined because they didn't like the word Chuuk." You said that Makatutu. FYI, there was NO "CHUUK" when the foreigners came. It was invented non ei mun merika. May we not accuse each other of not knowing the Chuukese Language and its spelling. It is a very, very UNIQUE one. Kinisou Imam pun uwa ngas seni ai tipis mi putak.
  • Makatutu, kete puan echipwangok ne ekieki chon Afirika, Mekisko, Amerika Eor, kemwochuno chok won om na Chuuk. Kopue cha feita nge ese mo tori ierum ika ke ataropasa om anchang.
  • Ruuk, Truk or Chuuk who cares.
  • Kinen, nikitatiw na mentality sise tawe eoch ren.
  • Ifa na mentality o Mak? be fair, esine ngniei pun epue wor masowen ai anchang.
    Rastaman, obviously you care that's why you butt your nose in.
  • A little history lesson on the name Truk.

    During the early arrivals of Europeans at our islands they brought with them their spelling system using it to keep accounts of their encounters. One of the important piece of information that they took note of was the name of these islands, from which they learned from the locals. Guess what name it was that they were given. That's right, "CHUUK." Remember, the European had a different spelling back then. So when they were told the name of the islands was CHUUK, they immediately wrote down in their journal TRUK, with the TR sounding as CH.

    This can be substantiated by the way Chuukese spelled a certain plant having the same CH sound in its form. The plant is CHONIONG, which used to spell TRONIONG. And it's not only that plant that has the kind of word spelled that way. There are others like chapur which means large or very much. Even that word used to be spelled TRAPUR because if the basic reason that the Europeans spelling taught people back then that to spell the CH sound, one would have to write TR.

    NOW, we merely want people to call our islands properly so though our constitution, we included the rightful name with the modern spelling of our islands.

    The name Ruuk or Rhuuk is just another way that our brothers from different islands pronounce it, as in Ina CHOK mwo, in which they say, "Ina RHOK mwo."

  • Nge ren mefiom mwa Makatutu, ese pwan fakkun wor ngawen om kopwe sani ew neni me nukun US. Nge e chok eoch kopwe pwan weweweweiti pwun ika esap pwunun US kosap tikeno pwan mwaren fengino pwun ke turukap non an tufich me aninnis ngeni neniach.

    Ika kopwe tongeni kapas wenechar, iwe ina kopwe fen pwan ii apasa om Kinisou ngeni Merika pokiten ka tikeu anaie nge fan emwenian.

  • I don't know but in New Zealand the sheep's are nervous.
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