Pohnpei's shoreline degradation!

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pohnpei's legislative committee on land issues' had halted a development project by a random NGO to build a park with bike trails, picnic areas etc.. at the causeway!

this stoppage has left an eyesore of unfinished dredging that not only is UGLY! but is hindering what's left of natural tidal and current flow, most probably KILLING more sea life near and around one of ONLY two estuaries of Kolonia!

aside from this new blockage, the causeway had and always have been blocking natural flow of ocean current that's holding up PUC's sewer outfall near lihdakihka!

what is going on and who will prevent this environment disaster in the making? lets ponder on this as we indulge ourselves in festive feasting!


  • Merry Christmas. A huge issue facing the new leadership of the State of Pohnpei. Degradation of the shoreline all around the main island of Pohnpei.
  • sokehs island

    sokehs island has been designated THE only coral dredging zone of pohnpei!! does the local government and its people of sokehs give a damn about our ocean's eco system? why are we being the assholes of pohnpei?
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    pohnpei's utility corporation has been dumping treated sewer into our bay for the past 3 decades! are we blind? why don't we fundraise money to build an outlet pipe that would extend miles beyond our reefs for best disposal that would save our shoreline?
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    Mangrove dumping

    you drive around the island and you see multiple areas where mangroves forests have become trash landfills! are we blind? why of all areas do we pick to trash one of our natural filters and defense against natural disasters?
  • port authority's anchor point

    fishing boats who call on pohnpei for provisioning normally spent a few days anchored at the only anchoring area near Sokehs island! dumping of trash and rejected catch have been rampant for the past decade or so! are we blind? the ocean floor is ridden with mountains of trash in this area! governor?
  • sea cucumber for export

    a recent legislative amendment to the ban on export of sea cucumbers has allowed for exploitation of our natural resource! will we be able to handle a sudden full scale export effort?
  • yes its ugly and mr tellei is right! the shit's about to hit the fan!
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    The area between Sokehs and Nett will continue to be contaminated and will only get worst because of the ongoing dredging activities in that area. The natural flow/current has been interfered by these vast movement of sand dredged and reclamation of the area will severely pollute this once healthy bay. Imagine the runoffs into the Lidakihka Bay from Nett to Kolonia to Sokehs. Where do you suppose will flow? They are being blocked by these ever growing reclaimed places within the bay.

    Two things you might wanna do, Pohnpei. One is to install several bridges at the causeway stretch to allow free flow of water of the Lidakihka; and completely stop the dredging and reclamation immediately.

    Too precious !
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    thank you sinbad! we can not ignore these environment issues anymore!
  • I agree. Continued shoreline degradation is ecological suicide.
  • Sorry boys! I think all our leaders are enjoying the holiday season. eheheh....but hope the leadership will make a difference unlike what we've been hearing what have they done so far...Vote FactsMatter/Microspring2014/hpd to clean the dirty jobs because from hearing and learning from their inputs, I am certain that they will and can do a better job than these guys who think they can but in reality they could not.
  • are we damned?

    i think its doable and i think it should be done during marcelo peterson's term!
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    doable in that we can expedite the state's SBOC required action items in our strategic plan that would usher in much needed funds for a infrastructure major-revamp!
  • Bust them leadership' asses this new year! And if they keep dragging their butts, burn them like a barbecue grill and see them grin like Charlie Brown with his thumb his mouth.
  • It is good to know some people care about our environment. Overall it has been very to totally overlooked. I hope the new government, national and Pohnpei start looking at it. No tourists will come to Pohnpei to see anything else but our natural beauties.
  • hpd,

    I think there's a rather easy solution, sell the dreg materials as backfilling materials. construction companies and builders of homes will luv to use it as it is the best filling material for the job.
  • USDA corned beef fed ppl could care less about about the environment. They are partying expecting seabees to fix it
  • Happy New Year friends! Am not an environmentalist, but in other sense I would say that I am a concern citizen eager to uphold the fundamental principles of stewardship, preservation and conservation of sea and land resources abundantly given to us from above. We need to be good stewards of the environment and react vigilantly to protect it with its resources. The fauna,flora and marine species of Pohnpei could sustain its longevity status depends on how we react to the use of the environment adequately. As a concern citizen, I would like to encourage each and everyone to collaboratively join hands to STOP the acts of misuse, abuse, ignorant, reluctant, greedy and selfish use of the environment for political and personal gain. Forumers, let's be mindful of what's happening and stop the idiot acts of what's happening to our environment....Remember that the environment is the sustenance of our living without money. See what's happening around Pohnpei, let's work together to educate our people of how to balance environment preservation and economic development.

    NI Wahu,

  • Stewardship is the word.
  • Tokyo, am on your side, let's advocate for a better tomorrow for Pohnpei and especially next generations and leaders of our beautiful island of Pohnpei... HOW?? Let's be proactive and do something....

  • Like what my friend asaf? Please enlightened this knucklehead. Cheers!
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    Lets proactively petition, with respect, fsm president's favor in allowing more funding for the state - especially the infrastructure sector grant..
  • we are in the midst of our leaders mid term, i have to commend the national leadership for releasing the infrastructure funding to the state! very commendable indeed.
  • Am with my friend hpd, congratulations to the national leadership, what you've done was very well appreciated. God bless Pohnpei and FSM.

    Ni wahu,

  • hpd, just ONE state! How interesting.
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