What's the DEAL w/ the Scholarships??

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Year in and year out every (Chuukese) student hangs by the thread because of the scholarhips being deliquent and Universities demanding tuition payment to be payed or no registration. How ironic is that the promotion of education is lacking in appearance?
I have to admit, being a former student myself, who unfortunately had to take a break from school due to scholarships not coming on time. Thus, forcing myself to withdraw courses that I could not afford. Ain't that a sad story, but it is a reality that haunts every Chuukese College student that I know of, here in Hawaii.
Year in year out, the students have not only exams and papers to worry about, but also their scholarships, which they absolutely earn and deserve! I am quite sick and tired of this predicament so I'm trying to work my way through college, without the help of my country and my state. And I hope in the future, they won't be begging me to go back and help out in the government, because I will definitely give them a "HELL NO!" answer.

But for those student currently waiting and crossing fingers .. I ask for all forumers assistance to please help them out. If you are part of the scholarship program/dept. please know that their futures are depending on those scholarships. I beg of no disappointment. I don't want these younger students to have to experience what I am now experiencing, because we don't deserve it at all.

Joyce Yesiki from Chuuk State Scholarship, please hurry up w/those scholarships.


  • National Scholarship Administrator Resigns!!!

    As of 6th of January, the Division of Education at the National office lost one of its key staff who handled the scholarship programs at the National Government. We wish him luck in his future endeavors and to enjoy his retirement in great strides. Good luck to you, Mr. Scholarship.
  • As a victim of the infamous 'bounced checks' I too have felt 'unsupported' by my own state. I was in utter shock when the financial aid lady told me my Chuuk State Scholarship bounced and I'd have to pay the rest of my tuition or see a whole school year thrown out the window. From then on, I haven't even thought about applying for the Chuuk scholarship, as i felt it brought me more problems than "AIDING" me financially. Maybe I could sue them, but then again, where would they get the money? Problems Problems.
  • what the hell is wrong. i am a student from pohnpei and the same this is happening to me right now. the pohnpei state scholarship coordinator personally assured me that my state scholarship will be avaible before i leave pohnpei to come here overseas.until today they haven't send my scholarship and the university is giving me a week to find fund to cover my tuition or i have to withdraw from class. why did they have deadlines,when they cant meet deadlines.
  • yea i agree with you , we should do something about this, cause we deserve this. we deserve for the opportunities for thfunds. i am a student who is in palau for almost a year, but i havent experience that kind before and i wish i will never experienced it alter on. hey to you guys who have problems with that. i will say to keep up the hard work and may god help you get to your destination.
  • i agree with both of you..i called the scholarship office and they assure me that they sent my scholarship week before i called them up..until now 2 weeks after, i have not recieve anything annd the school is also waitng..
    what is going on that to send something takes this long??????????
  • if your from pohnpei,i called two days ago and the scholarship coordinator told me that some students have not send in their transcripts yet,so the board cant have a meeting,that means the scholarships cant be issued.they said the earliest that they can have the meeting will be the end of this month,JUZ MAYBE!but then it will take several weeks to process the checks,and then you can recieve it.as for me,the university im attending here in new zealand is very strict on these issues,so my deeadline is up,gonna leave here on monday.and for sure im gonna remember this event.juz hope the next generation of students wont have to go through the same things we did.if there is someone who can talk to our officials like our senators,please do.
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  • and that statement was suppose to help our students out there? Hmm...lets look at the good book...shall we..

    "anxious hearts are very heavy, but a word of encouragement does wonders" Proverbs 12:25 (thank god for catholic school)
  • Vavoom: u mean full scholarships from the new zealnd and austrlain gov. yeah they do.but it is only availble to post-grads,and the ausi scholarship cant be used here.so i applied for the pni scholarship to get me through my first year,then ill be in med school next year,then ill apply for the new zealand scholarship.and i can only work during summer,i dont really know why,it has something to do with my visa.yes i agree,i mean from now on,we shouldnt rely soley on the fsm.but my point is,that they way they run the system is not good. for example,some students have to withdraw from their classes because the state was not able to send their scholarship,due to some students who cant take five minutes of their time to send their scholarship.
  • ennet69xoh... as of naw.. the com students have been recieving no scholarships for spring semester... Y wad happen??
  • The head of scholarship office should be somebody who really sees the importance of education.....i dont think we have the brain drain problem....what we have is wasted brain problem.....the smart students go overseas to major in medicine, law, aviation, and yet they are not able to complete their education because the bell grant does not cover all tuitions or costs and they probably had to work and have not much time to study, as a result, they end up dropping out and settling on doing odd jobs like working in restaurants, warehouses, etc......where as it is the incompetent students who stayed back in micronesia because they have no interest in aiming high who are the ones who are filling up the government office vacancies (of course not all office workers are incompetent-but pls do a reality check in your own office....how many are really intellegent?). Its no wonder our economy is going no where.....incompetent ppl coming to work just to kill time play solitaire and get paid, not being able to handle all office responsibilities therefore foreigners are needed to clean up after these incompetent micronesians.....please , please, please, education office and leaders, do something about this problem!!!!!!!!!
  • guys, look for some apportunities to save you for your education..dont give up...one way is to join the US ARMY so they can take care of your tuitions....for the southern schools, i guess it will be little conmplicated in term of school fundings or scholarships,unless you are taking post grads courses..well, WHO can help if you guys find your way to ask for any student's funding assistance..
  • and there is somepalce that you can find job, but it is not a good pay. i have been concerned for the reasons why we waste our time to go school and work as a maintenance or in the store as a delivery boy. it is good but we should think more about the outside world. i an a student and i came from a family who is very poor and i intend to change it. thank you and may god help you on your journey in finding hope to live.
  • Vote for Separation of HESA into two departments!!!!

    For the nation to prioritize education, it must also create the Department of Education at the national level! Send emails or letter to your congressional representatives to vote for the resolution introduced by the Speaker to break-up the Dept of HESA.
  • snapshot: just one question:do you know any email for any of the congressional representatives from pni ,cuz i would really like to email them some of my concerns but i just dont know how to contact them.thank you.
  • henno people you guys need to read the other postings regarding scholarship. there u will find your answers.
  • Yes to four-i.... we all need to join efforts (concrete actions) in the interest of improving scholarship situation in our islands while we still can. One available way to do that is to heed to Kempo Mida's invitation to start a scholarship "watchgroup" -- I would rather call such group a "working group". So, why not take part in his invitation for action by dropping him an affrimative note on his address indicated in the discussion he started here a few days ago. That way we don't simply rehash the cyclic ranting over the systematic failure of the management of scholarship services in our islands. The concerns raised in this particular strand are very very valid. Let's take them beyond this forum -- into their atmostphere of origin through a medium, or various other modes of action, whose end is the confidence that positive turn-arounds will be achieved.

    Shall we?
  • Make sure the Army is your last effort to get money. Remember, aside from getting educational funding, you will be bomb in the process. Although, I was lucky to receive $900 a month from GI Bill and 75% tuition assistance from the National Guard, and a work study at the veterans office and the pohnpei scholarship. I don't know about you guys, but my time at school was rosy. $3000 refund every quarter. Sorry for bragging! I can't help myself sometimes.
    Hey, your mokilese. Be resilience like a true mokilese. I won two scholarship on top of this because I submitted two essay and won both of them. Hard to believe since my writings are shitty. So, if I can do it. So can you. There's money out there for education, you just have to look for it. Be a proud mokilese and try the avenues out there.
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