Questions for Yapese and Palauans

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First off are you guys Polynesians??? Second are the ruling chiefs from Palau and Yap off Chuukese origins??? Third did the first people to settle Yap or Palau were from Chuuk???



  • Even people who are not from Palau and Yap can tell they are not from the same place. Hair is different. Facial features are different. Languages are different. Customs and traditions and different. Mentality is different. Values are different.

    My response does not mean I am Palauan or Yapese. I am just making an observation.
  • Whoami there is a story that some Yapese say that Chuukese invaded the outter islands of Yap. While some say the migrating Kosreans made landfall in Yap in the Gagil area and settled things with the chief and th chief gave them the power to settle the outter islands. Those same people who migrated from Kosrae are from the same migrating group who settled Chuuk. Now let me just get this clear that these are stories told. Nobody is claiming it.
  • This the most ridiculous things I've heard thus far. really yapese and palauans were originally from chuuk along with their chiefs? What you smoking on whoamI!?
  • I just want to get to the bottom of this and i want to hear what the yapese or palauans have to say. Cuz the same self appointed scholar kersamin aka nad duff is telling the samoans on their forum that yap and palau were settled by polynesians and that the ruling families on those islands are chuukese.

    i don't smoke.
  • Also this scholar is tellin the polys that guam and saipan are also peopled by polynesians from samoa and tonga.
  • He does not sounds like a scholar at all.

  • Kersamin is telling the polys that yapese and palaua people are polynesians? How do you know thats her on that forum? Really the yapese chiefs along with those on palau are chuukese! First time hearing this.
  • We have two groups of idiots on Micsem, the religious fanatics and those posting in here with WhoamI and Folueisomw as Chief Idiots.
  • How do i know its kersamin, well its simple names like kili-viti and how the yapese word polu is derived from the samoan island named upolu. And she keep bragging to the polys about how the oral histories of the yapese and palauans along with the chammoros are wrong and the ones who really know about the history of the people of guam,yap and palau are the chuukese. Kersamin is tellin them how the high chiefs of yap are chuukese. Just wanted to ask the yapese and palauans themselves if this claims are true.
  • Jericko good morning to you.
  • Wannabe historian with little educational background you are WhoamI.
  • Good morning nengin.
  • Too much mud have clogged up your system jericko, litle blood flow to the brain got you thinking in

    Have a nicr day serepin.
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    Anyone posting a comment after me will be treated equally as an idiot, just as WhoamI. I am compiling a idiot's list so feel free to join.
  • By the way this list will be posted on Micsem as warning to members to avoid contact at all costs.
  • On top of that list is

    1. WhoamI
  • How could one come to a conclusion of such origins knowing now their customs, language and so on. They these islands are completed different in of these aspects. Let's stop waisting our brain cells with such stories.

  • Whoaml is just asking some questions based on other's claims. I find it interesting, too, and would like to know where that person got his/her history info from. 

    As to my friend Jericko, you posted right after you made the statement regarding your list, so you should be #1. hehee. You can put me on #3. 
  • Whoaml was busted talking trash to the Samoan about Mashallese this and Marshallese that then talking shit about US because apparently they are everything in Micronesia lol. As usual whoaml is everywhere that's how I can identify it was him lol..then he got pissed off because the Samoan find him on here they probably googling info up and expose his style of trashing the chuukese and embracing himself as some royal wannabe. Not on a Samoan forum, this guy go highlight themselves on Youtube as the Kings of Micronesia who distribute the Micronesian race around. After getting busted, now he's trying to beat me into here creating another whole flow of his own changing his tone like the devil he is..

    He couldn't have it his way the first time, and now he's coming back starting another one after go crediting himself as the ones who teach hawaiian navigation or something LOL...After I bust his a$$, he got pissed because I was kissing ass like expecting me to help his croocked history like the wannabe historian he is..I know your style and you can't escape me..wherever you go I will find you hahaha

  • Bust my ass dude or should i say neñin. Pawnstar you were right kersamin is a female! Her youtube page says she is one. By the way i was telling that samoan that there is no records of samoans ever making it into the deep heart of Micronesia then you came along and said no no no we here in chuuk pohnpei and yap and palau are polynesians. I told that uso that only kapingamarangi,kiribatti,nauru and nukuoro were the only places in the outer edge of micronesia to be sighted by the polys. I didn't hide who i was i use the same name but you changed yours to Nad Duff. When i asked you if you were chuukese there you said no. Bust my ass for what tellin the samoans that they never made into micronesia. Wow good job there Sherlock.
  • Kersamin your following him around in the internet? That's creepy! If your a chuukese girl that's messed up cause chuukese girls don't go chasing guys its the other way around.
  • as a true idiot, Jericko doesn't even understant himself. now i'm #4. now the list keeps growing. l hope Jericko doesn't run out of gas before the day ends.
  • I knew she was a damn female that kersamin. So tell us kersamin how do you know the yapese are chuukese or palauans are chuukese? Why don't you bring up one of those chants from the itangs that tell you this and ill get my chuukese co worker to interpret it.
  • By the way watch out i hear that when chuukese girls get a crudge only jail will keep them away.
  • I'm not a girl and when an idiot couldn't have it his way he cried out to another idiot and then this will go down like those same borring of repeated questions, and none sense forum previously played. When they couldn't have it their way they go around promoting themselves and when they got busted, they immediately return to press repeat like those drug addict.

    PawNstar, I did mention to some idiots before we got here and Yap and Palau  were already there according to your usual sources of science. History is not a one way direction, if you wanna be a historian at least try to understand the crsossing path that often confused the wanna be kings.

  • I never said we marshallese are the kings but if that's how you take it then fine by me no biggie in that forum I'm calling out that samoan out on his bullshit about how he say micronesia was started by polys and then you came from nowhere and started kissing his ass and riding his pole by saying all the ocean names from Saipan to yap and palau even kosrae were named after the kings of samoa. Here you are again avoiding the issue.

    Oh by the way in your ass kissing mode to that uso you told him and all the polys in that forum how chuukese and yapese and palauans and the chommoros are polynesians. YOU also said that the chiefs of palau and yap are chuukese in origin. You went has far has saying that the chuukese continuum is spread to yap and palau cause those islands were founded by chuukese. You told your uso friend that yapese and palauans oral history is wrong and the real oral history of yap and palau is kept in chuuk. You deny that?

    By the way you told me on that forum that you are marshallese and not chuukese. Man your a shame to your people and culture. If i were chuukese i would tell the whole world i was not hide behind the name Nad Duff. Sad.
  • Good morning nengin.

    Jericko pwiipwii. I am not a nengin! Lol
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