Important INfo. for FSM General Election (March , 2007)

This info. was post few days ago.

To all fellow Yapese living in Guam, If you wish to vote in the upcoming FSM General Election for both 2 year and at-large position, now is the time to act. Don’t just sit there, get off your hind and practice your civic duties. The General Election is slated for March 6, 2006. If you are living off-island then you have more to tackle. Can download the form FSM National Government website or go to your consulate office here in Guam.

Here are the conditions: Pls. read carefully and follow.

Any registered voter wishing to vote by absentee ballot must personally submit a written request to the National Election Commission of the State in which the voter is registered. Any bulk delivery of absentee request forms will not be accepted and shall be considered invalid.
An absentee voter may request an absentee ballot in one of the following ways and conditions:
Absentee ballot by mail (request must be received between Nov. 6, 2006 and Jan. 25, 2007)
Absentee ballot for Special Polling Place
Honolulu and Guam: (request must be received by Feb. 4, 2007)
Special Polling Place within the FSM (request must be received by Feb. 28, 2007)
Ballot request prior to Traveling (request must be received between Feb. 4, 2007 and March 5, 2007)
Ballot for Voting At Another Polling Place (VAAPP) (request must be received by Feb. 27, 2007)
If you are in your state of registration but will be away from your election district during election day, you may request for VAAPP.
Ballot for Confined Voting (request must be received by Feb. 27, 2007)

Forwarding Address:

Yap NEC Office
P. O. Box 849
Colonia Yap FM 96943
Tel: (691)350-4217


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