there are families in truk and mortlocks who also recognize kosraean ancestry.
the ancient kosraean gods were referred to as inut(ghost). they indicate a religion based on nature and ancestor worship. they governed the climate, the crops, and most all aspects of life, and they had control over Nan, the soul of the deceased ancestors.

*NALOK: a male diety. he was ancient and supreme and lived in the sky and was the diety who allowed the building of canoes.

*SOAP: came from the marshalls. he oversaw the growing of the sugarcane. he is mentioned in the chants that were used to move the stones from taf, utwe, to lelu for the walls.

*SINLAKU: goddess of the heavens, and the breadfruit, was the queen of nature and could make typhoons, famine and disease. she punished fishermen who didn't pray to her before going out to fish. she was also in yap at times but on kosrae she lived at fal in the finkol.

*SILKIAK OR SINKAU: a human soul turned into an inut, and he prophesized on fishing and hunting matters. he was also reported to have announced the coming on the first foreign ship.

*NIATAT: a fish goddess. noklap ( the white heron) was her totem.

*SITEL NAHNSAPWE: was the thunder god. his priest were: niseku, suman, sau uwan, kaijen, mata, sulap, sasot and kura. and their totem was the hawksbill turtle.

LISNEI CLAN: a girl form the matansem in lelu was very beautiful. two men spied on her while she was bathing and later told the king of her charms. the king wanted to see her right away but fafa(a cooked taro pudding with sweet topping) ws being prepared. so he told his cooks to hurry it up. so the fafa cooks didn't put on the special sauce( squeezed sugarcane and coocnut cream), but instead just used the coconut cream. the king ate it anyway and wnet and found the girl "owah, she was beautiful." he took her for his wife. form this union, the lisnei-fafas sub-clan decended.

NIAS CLANS: powa(mangroved crab) came to Oualan form the marshall to nefalil district. there it had 8 children who were kings and when the togusra in lelu heard about them he asked them, "who made you kings? you are not from here!" and he told his warriors to kill them. they were killed, but their children were allowed to live, although not in lelu. the king announced that no one from the nias clan could become king in the future. afterwards people learned to eat powa, but not those in the nias clan.

TON(EEL) CLAN: existed on both pohnpei and kosrae and other pacific islands. here's how the clan began on kosrae. a ton(eel) in the river infas-srisrik on okat bore a very beautiful daughter. when she was older, she was making a wreath of flowers for her hair and some people going to lelu told the king about her. the king went out searching for her and when he found her he made her his wife. from this union, the ton clan began and no one from this clan would ever eat river eel.

PENMA CLAN: once upon a time two foreign canoes came into the south harbor(utwe). during their long sial barnacles, (leaitat) had grown on one of the canoes. the crew had to stay and clean the bottom.the other canoe was faster and went on to the east coast, and it landed at sialat and turned into stone. but the people went on to lelu and later married in the royal families. 

TON LIKINOS CLAN: a long time ago a canoe from a foriegn place (possibly samoa) met a kosraean fishing canoe off the likin lolam passage in the reef. the strangers asked which sruf(clan) the king of kosrae belonged to. the kosraeans answered "sruf ton" (clan eel). the stangers replied " we are also ton and we want to stay here. we will call ourselves ton likinos".

ANOTHER LISNEI LEGEND: the god soap sometimes lived on the island of jap (in the marshalls). one time a srusr, the brilliant red cardinal honey-eater bird, came to Oualan to steal his bananas, which were planted high up on the mountains. soap found out and chased the bird to a river where it settled and began the lisnei clan


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