• Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone in Chuuk, I've been trying to find this person for a very long time and no luck whatsoever, so I have come to this site with a high hope that someone (Chuukese) could help. please message me if you want to know more. Although I know this is personal and non relative to any other discussion in this forum I would very much appreciate the help, (if any) hehe.

    God bless you all and Thank you

  • dess1210,

    Who you looking for?
  • His lost and his looking for himself.. why he didn't leaved a name for us to help him identify? 
  • Any name? image
  • lol@he's lost and looking for himself

  • Srry guys, I think i confused everyone, when I said message I meant Inbox.
  • What's with the "hehe" at the end? Some could take it the wrong way you know. Maybe you're not all that serious?
  • is the "hehe" means two men?
  • NO! I'm serious.. I'am looking for my Father! The hehe was a little humor that I added.. so please don't mind the little things. If your goin to help, then please message me.
  • @Garim...Maybe two men with same gene and same interest! LoL
  • dess,

    Ever think of searching for your friend via the men's the manhunt, squirt etc etc?
  • Must be a horny day for the folks here on the forum. (hehe)
  • wow! im speechless right now.... this must be how chuukese treat people outside or their race. like seriously? look for my FRIEND? on those kinds of site? if i was that horny i wouldnt even be here right now. second of all im here looking for my FATHER. how offensive is that. its already enough i had negative feed back from some of you guys, im looking for my own father for goodness sakes. i used to be very proud that i have chuukese blood in me but this is just ridiculous.
  • These are not Chuukese. They are rookies, always small brain, not yet developed/

  • I have met alot of yhur kind Dess1210. May the lord help yhu in many ways.
  • Dess1210,

    Don't keep up. I once gave some Chuukese a ride to a country side of Guam in the bushes, probably where they live. I didn't gave much thought to their actions until now. If its true that they were living in the bushes, then I admire their core and freedom attitude for it matches with my swag and personality-true grits.
  • Yo, listen carefully if you really looking for your father I am more than happy to help you, but if you come in here to lie to us chuukese then kiss my brown sugar asss! Period.
  • @ShadeAgain03, what makes you think I' am lying to your BROWN SUGAR ASS? if i wasn't looking for him i would not be here in the first place. Period? dude are you being foreal right now? on top of that why would anybody want to come in here and lie about looking for their FATHER? how about you READ carefully, if you ain't gonna help like some of these guys on here and commented which was a waste of their lives, just read this thread and leave! there was no need of you to come and comment on my thread like this! and i think i made it clear while writing this thread! PRIVATE MESSAGE me if you are going to help. PERIOD!!!!!

    damn is this how you chuukese are???
  • no this is not how chuukese are, matter of factly we chuukese are good people very loving, gentle and smart. for security reason I can not private message you. where is he from? what year were you born? when was the last time you've heard from him? and what is your name (real name)? and what is his name? email me @ yes I have brown sugar ass.Period!
  • one more thing....stop freakin screaming you gonna damage my ear drum, geeeeeeeeezuz! Period! ~:>
  • then i would suggest this, instead of making negative comments just simply say i can help you. don't say things like lying to you guys and kiss your brown ass.

    and yeah wait for my e-mail!

  • ..and where's the PERIOD?

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