Does science considered a religion or not?


  • I would think it is a religion. It has different sets of inquiry but it is a still fundamentally a faith-based approach to understanding our world.
  • Not.  Google both words and you will see the difference.

  • Thanks FactsMatter. That's just what I had in mind. But, I could be wrong. Again, to me science always been supported with facts (seeable or feelable) unlike religion especially Christian who is based on faith (unseen and untouchable). So, I would agree with FactsMatter that these two have their own phylosophy based on what each is contrued or established upon. My opinion only. Thanks.
  • I get your point and you will not find in any google search or dictionary that they are the same. But if you look at it, science is not all about facts, it is also about theories that requires much faith to believe in. You'd have to believe in what you see, religion believes in the unseen. My point is not that they are one and the same...I only meant that they both require a certain amount of faith to hold onto what you believe. Science once believed the world was flat, is that a fact? No, it was a theory that later was proven wrong. There are still many unanswered questions that science can only come up with theories that they must adhere to or believe, just like the religion. I am not saying they are one and the same, but they are similar. I am not talking about their strict meaning, I am actually referring to actuality of both disciplines.

  • Sorry guys but science and religion are totally different from each other. Science is mainly about study and experiments of human and nature but religion is about Faith, God and eternity. Well what about history and other courses in school are they considered as religion also?
  • In practice I say, not in definition!
  • What practice?  Give us a specific example.
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    Science is the collection of inquisitions that MAN concluded through experiment, study and deductive reasoning...then labels them as facts, most often later proven to be ridiculously foolish. Science centers around the physical realm in life. Religion is faith based, centers around the realm that is of our spirituality, the now and the then; every religion in the world believes in two realms; the physical and the spiritual realm, and the connection between them.
  • :-w Mmmm! I need to do more time indept research than what I had. But, on the other thought, I might as well leave it to your science scholars to feed our brains with your ideas. Not that science will change how I think of the bible but someting to know what it is in terms of faith that others say science has like religion. But, remember bible faith is totally different from what science is all about. I may be wrong, but this is how I interpret faith science has. It is believe based on reasoning molder out of something can be seen, feel or man reasons as they are fitted together to the explanation available. But, bible faith, is basically according to the scripture, it is believing and trusting in unseen substance through the conviction of the holy spirit which I doubt science will ever accept. God bless.
  • There is theological is the science that analyses biblical finds(artifacts) such as the scrolls, that thick layer of clay in the earths crust is the sedimentary result from the great flood during Noah's time, while other scientists that are only in the anthropology discipline denies the existence of that story...they did not deny the clay is evidence from a great flood..though.
  • As Outcast appears to hint at, the results of valid scientific research can actually enrich our understanding of the Bible and help to make us more educated and committed believers. My own faith has grown deeper from an understanding of the historical and cultural contexts in which the various books of the Bible were written. 

    Fear and rejection of science limits believers to a false and unnecessary choice between reason and faith.  A person of faith need not fear facts and discoveries based on solid evidence.  God wants us to use our brains, as well as our hearts, to understand and do His will on this earth.
  • Thank you brother FactsMatter for that true analogy. However, I don't think that's how any God believe should hold or the reason to avoid knowing what science says. But, a true Christian should have open mind to hear what science is saying because it can reveal and confirm that science could not coincide with some of what bible is saying. For instance, how would science agree that Jesus walks on water? You see my friends, that's why I've shared in other posts that I do not close the door to learn about what science says because it helps me to see where science and bible believers split up into two separate paths especially when science tries to define who or what God was and is. In other words, as we all know whether you're a christian or not, science says that everything comes out of a big bang. But, bible believers (creationist) believe that a living and mighty God created everything including that big thing that got bursted (bang) which science believe that's how human and everything surrounded by originated from.

    Anyways, thank you factsmatter and the rest of you guys for sharing your thoughts under this thread. I've learned alot from your all. God bless.

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