Yap's New Captain and Co-Captain needs changed burned out crew

Yap's New Administration needs to change most of their burn-out crew, desk muggers, game playing crews, often sick crews, runaway crews, MIA crews, etc. in oder to feel we have a new administration. To have the same crew with a change of captain and co-captain will not change anything in the new administration. It will still means a pile up on un finish Purchase Orders, Requistion Forms, Culture Teachers not being paid for the last two pay period because personnel office have forgot about them. etc.


  • I am absolutely agreed with what the Islander had stated in hea. Overhaul is the word hea that we need to address. Get rid of those burned out ones. Have those reach the age of retirement retired and enjoy the life in the village before it is too late.
  • Thanks Piung,

    If people take a closer look at it. It is a trend. Only the captain and co-captain are changing every 4 years but the crews never changes. This is where the problem is because it is the crews that will get the captain and his co captain in trouble because they are not doing what they are supposed to do and the public take it out on the poor captain and co captain blaming them for not doing a good job.
    This where we need to clean up in order to have a brand new refresh and promising hard working administration.
    So of the previous Captains are afraid to replace the old crew out of respect due to rank in our customs and traditions and we have to really look at that and decide which is important.
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    Islander and Piung,
    Only Chuuk State is known to rid their technical employees, based on such political and personal opinions which you have expressed here. The rest of the governments in the FSM follow their public service system regulations.

    Although we are pursuing principles of western democracy, it is still petty unpleasant to hear ethnic-chuukese publicizing their opinions on how they intend to influence or micro-manage Yap State Leadership. Afterall, it was ethnic-chuukese who made possible the current administration, after candidate Ruecho' and Habuchmai lost at the polls four years ago, on Yap Proper.
    I beg that both of you give our new leadership(decision-makers) the opportunity, which the People have entrusted unto them, to make decisions. We should not critique the future leadership, prior to their assuming the leadership in January 2007.
    Anyway, it' common knowledge that no person, in the past, present or future, is perfect (excluding our Lord Jesus Christ). However,considering FSM's limited human resource, it's past history and your publicized opinions, it would seem that if Yapese wanted their State to be like Chuuk that they should consider electing both "islander" and "piungiulaplap" to be their leaders. Until then, thank you for your patience and understanding.
  • Sawgagai,

    You are still missing my point. 'Chuukese are out of the question. It would be something for the new administration to think about. That was just my personal opinion though some of what I mention might be true.
  • To: Islander

    Has it ever occurred to you that maybe the reason why some people are not doing their job deligently is because the pay is not enough. just another point to consider....I am not totally disagreeing with you...but maybe the issue is more complex than your simplified version thereof...
  • the crew is ok cuz the people up there in the bridge are the one telling them what to do, approve or disapprove of things is coming down from the bridge that is where the order comes from. castrate the crooks to save our government.
  • Brother Sting,

    In view of the complex and dynamic nature of Government, I dont think it is fair or justifiable to place the blame of bad government on the shoulders of the few. In order for the "whole" to work, everybody must do their part and be committed to the concept of Good Government.
    Furthermore, castrating our employees will certainly add to our problems. Especiall, since this process will deprive them of their ability for increased generations.

    Good Day, Stinger!
  • Well, frnklifang, you probably one of those castrated ones for you have not contributed to the increasing of our population. Back then if I recall right, one of our hard working leader did asked Yap to "increase the population" and so have you done your part?
  • aside from our friend iiya'tuw's personal jibe at frnklifang i'd have to say that all your comments have substance. but it does not have to be all or nothing.

    it makes perfect sense to leave all the choice of appointment to our elected leaders as it is their jobs. islander does have a point that some, or maybe all of our current directors' and chiefs' performances need to be put under the microscope and, if needed, removed from their posts.

    new cabinet or not, the performance of government does fall squarely on the shoulders of our new leaders. how the governor handles himself towards his cabinet will be greatly reflected on how the cabinet handles their chiefs and managers and so on and so forth. it is a responsibility of colossal proportion and i am sure that they may need your help one way or another. this is where frnklifang's over-simplified comment of a cooperative movement towards the greater goal of good governance is appropriate. althought we might not all realize it, we all play a part in how this government is runned. we must all look at ourselves and see how we can contribute to the rebuilding of a once great state.

    for the last four years i have watched one man destroy himself and the state he has sworn to govern. god only how he reasoned with himself to enter the gubernatorial race this last election. it is sad to see a man of that stature ruin himself in public. but what did he expect?

    i do not know how s.anafal will run his administration. i do hope that he will not sit out his first term as his predessor had. one thing i am certain of, however, is that if he does not take his responsiblities seriously, he will surely be looking for a new job next election. the people of yap are a well-educated, and highly intellectual bunch and it will be highly difficult to decieve us a second time.
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