Congratulations to the 31 recruits in Pohnpei.

Congrats to ya'll who made it. It's an honor and privilege to join the US armed forces. A great number, amazing all made it through the physical that had taken place at the Ocean View hotel. So happy for you guys, especially the 21 Pohnpeians, and of course the 10 Kosreans who flew over, surprised you guys all passed too :).  Good luck to your new chapter in life, make us proud and God bless..


  • by any chance anybody can able to post their names and what village they come from and which school?please.....

    kaselel maingko
  • Surprised? How could you have underestimated their ability? lol...hopefully you did not mean it negatively, just a wrong choice of words.

    My congratulations to you all, whoever you are.

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    Hopefully none of them have 11B as their MOS.
  • 11B is the army MOS for infantry. We call em bullet catchers.
  • 11B is the most respected MOS in the Army. Everyone else is just their to support us, without Infantry none of the other MOS's would exist. Back when I was Infantry we called everyone who wasn't in the 11 series MOS a POG (People Other than Grunt) or REMF (Rear Echelon Mother F!@#$%). We spit on them everywhere we went! Infantry also has the fastest promotion in the Army. Wanna make it to E-9? Better start as Infantry. E-8? You better start as Infantry. Even most E-7 started as Infantry. All Special Forces (Green Berets) and Rangers start out as 11B. Bullet catchers huh? Bullet launchers is more like. Come get some!

    21 Pohnpeians + 10 Kosreans + 0 Yapese = 31. Are you sure about this? I read differently.
    "The thirty young "future soldiers" came from Pohnpei, Kosrae and Yap where recruitment activities by Army personnel have been occurring and the military tests conducted."
  • Congrats to all recruits, I can relate to your excitement of joining the Military. Back then I was only thinking about the adventure and as I look back, I am overwhelmed with honor. God bless. Out of curiosity, how come Chuukese shy away from the Military...Is it because they don't want to serve the US? Just wondering.

  • Majority of MICROS in the US ARMED FORCES are from Pohnpei and Marshall Islands. But if we are counting which groups has the most numbers in the US MILITARY its them Marshallese then us in FSM.
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    11BANGERS always say they the shit but guess who's always ahead of them 11bangers when operations are being conducted ...
    19D we lead the way,11B and the rest follows.
  • Chuukese don't shy away it's just that the ASVAB wasn't offered there for some reason. It's the recruiters' fault, ask them.
  • Correction 30 recruits: 17 are from Pohnpei, 3 from Yap and 10 from kosrae... I heard that it's confirmed that the US arm forces will start recruit from Chuuk.
  • Sinbad,

    I don't underestimate them, if that's what you're thinking. I'm referring to physical, and surprised they made it, 10 of them, that's a good number. Unless if its the theory test then you could say I underestimate, but I'm not being negative, I congratulate them all. 
  • Why do Micronesian join the US Military? Congratulations yes are in order but why do we MICROS join the American Military though?
  • Espacially you Marshallese,I mean look what the Americans did do your islands. You Marshallese must be that desperate for money. Them Americans bombed your islands,contaminated it and after that you guys fight for them? Where is the sense in that? If I were a Marshallese I wouldn't join the IMPERIALIST AMERICANS BUT PROTEST AGAINST WHAT THEY DID.
  • Because America "protects" them. and so if America protects them, they help America protect themselves'

    also because we don't have an army ourselves.
  • actually, Marshallese lend their land(s) for "the better of mankind"
  • Are you micronesian? We have a bond with America ever since our founding fathers established our government. We were once ruled, the last rulers where the Japanese, thanks to America they freed us and make us commonwealth or a territory. Later on our forefathers decided to form the Federated States of Micronesia,(FSM) as you know. We got our independence but we have free association with the US. PawNStaR don't tell me you don't know this and our history. If you haven't, I suggest you do, you sound so lost. Don't you realize the cash we're using is America's.....uncle sams dollar bill??? We are aye small country and we do need America's protection, in return our young man and woman can also join the US forces, what's bad about that. 
  • You marshallese lost your will to fight this injustice.
  • You need not to worry PawNStaR and stop living in the past, America has apologized and FYI Marshallese people are loaded. I know its not easy, but thats the past, we are looking forward. Them Marshallese are moving forward. You should have been to the oath ceremony. Leo Falcam Jr. gave a wonderful speech. To join the US arm forces is an honor and pride. You want to help make this world a safe place, just yourself means alot. It doesn't mean when you join then you'll die. Leo Falcam Jr is a veteran and has served 30 years and I truly admire him. PawNStar America is protecting all of Micronesia, if they abandon us, Russia, North Korea can invade us and F*ck us up easily. Even smaller countries like Indonesia, Burma can F*ck us up too. Our disadvantage is our tiny island and number. We have to rely on America to assist us after all they have spend $$$$$ of money  on us.
  • If you think I joined for the money then your mistaken bro. I get paid less in the army then a construction worker. They did bombed our islands and yes its messed up but it's live.
  • Okay stick with the topic, why  post something that has no concern with 30 recruits from FSM joining the military. If you think its injustice then start a new threat and make that as the title and say what's on your mind.
  • Exactly!!! thank you Menkanaka
  • This PawNStaR probably failed the ASVAB or physical so he's stressing his anger towards those who join the service. Joining the service is really not just bout money, is about honor, a sense of responsibility. There's many reasons, each have their own.
  • protect their families, mothers, fathers, spouse, childrens, and their country.
    -brother izreal


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    its not just their war you know, when north korea is about to attack Guam (micronesia) where are the "micronesians"? 

    there are none! 

    so how can it be "Just the white mans" war?

  • For your info I took the ASVAB for the sake of just taking it,not cause I wanted to join but I wanted to see if I can and I passed that test. But I wasn't that dumb to commit like the dummies in my class. HONOR??? You mean killing innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan! If that's your meaning of honor then it ain't for me. I'm not that dumb!.....
  •  Im a Marshallese too, an I think Pawnstar's got a point....

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    i am against killing innocents whether it be american or afghani'
  • Nope he's just a sore looser who needs to stop living in the past. 
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