• Katau peidak means an island from the East.  It can be Kosrae, Marshall Islands, Kiritbat or Hawaii.  The story was that Isokelekel's father, Luhken Nansapwe, escaped with the help of a fish called "Sawi" to an island from the East (Katau peidak), squeezed lemon into a woman mouth impregnating her.  Now, we all know that lime tree grow faster on atolls which ruled out Hawaii leaving RMI, Kiribat and Kosrae.  Kosrae seemed to be the logical place since thy are known for lime tree and beautiful women, but still that doesn't rule out RMI and Kiribati.  What this means is that a Pohnpeian man escaped and knocked-up some women from the East.  While Kosrae seemed to be the favorite place for this story (because of their lime trees and beautiful women), arguments in-favor of Marshall Island is also possible, because Marshallese women are taught to please their man which they are still known for it.  That leaves Kiribati out.  

    So Pohnpeian, why are you arguing with the Marshallese and Kosraeans forum users if they are so desperate for  Pohnpeian lime juice.  My recommendation is stop arguing with them and continue with what Luhken Nansapwe started. 

    my 2 cent
  • Like the Greeks led by King Alexander the Great of Macedon.Defeating the Persians in the battle of Guagamela.Which later led to the fall of their empire.Modern day middle easterners denies the truth at the same time must accept hard reality and the bitterness of defeat.Some would go far as becoming history revisionist attempting to cover up what's already been permanently recorded in the history books.

    Look,I get that it's hard to accept it.No doubt in an alternative dimensional history.You people would of done the same if your ancestors came conquering the kingdom of Lolelaplap.Ruling over us.Influencing our ways of life.We''ll try to deny it also.At the same time would be deemed impossible due to the fact that it's already recorded.

    Easterners have much warlike people given the warrior culture,Weapons,Traditions of war,Our strength&Body types.So forth.Meanwhile our western cousins were the peaceful types.Not denying they had warriors themselves.

    These events happened back then.Accept it or stay dwelling hoping to find useful "sources" to help give evidence to disprove it otherwise.
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