• You guys are as funny as my 6yr. old son who argued his head of that Rudolph the red nose Raindeer is Canadian.
  • I still don't get it, how can one brag about a fierce race who lived and still living in an environment where you can fart on one side and people on the other will hear it. Where the only food available is sea weed and coral rocks.  In the past the strong race would invade and chased out or even make slaves conquered people. Were Marshallese back then fierce, but stupid or could it be that they only rely on sneak attack and run afterwards? What I have come to learn about today's Marshallese is that they humble people who would run the other way when a fight breaks out. Back in school, they were usually picked and bullied, but they would endure.  Could it be that the endurance part is passed down from living in such hostile environments?  I mean, look at how they easily gave up Bikini so it could become a nuclear test site. Why didn't they fight back like the Pohnpeians who fought the Germans, Spanish, and even Japanese when they were on our island? What ever happened to this so-called fierce race?

  • No feirce race ever lives forever, yea our ancestors were feirce, but eventually every single one of them died out... Much like yours did, so did the mighty Romans, and the fierce Vikings, and the empire where the sun never sets (British) so were the caliphate and eventually so will America.'
    The past is the past, whatever happened to forgiving each other of the mistakes done hundreds of years ago!
    Grow up would yall'
  • There's a fact about this and you can witness it in Hawaii and that we all Micronesians including you Pohnpeian. That we all get bullied in school but the only people that stood on their ground are Marshallese and Chuukese while the rest of you just run away.. Where were you people who fought the Germans, Spaniard and Japanese who says they stood their ground why is it not happening in Hawaii when you people get bully.. Marshallese don't just jump into a fights or pick a fight its not our way unless if you got too..Marshallese tene to not involve in a fights when there's no reason. An example if a friend of my get into a fight I won't just jump into the fight but to try stop the fight or just stay away and not involve into it, unless your friend get jump by more poeple and that Marshallese believes that one get into trouble should handle is own problem himself, and that we been taught that a real man stay away of troubles .... That's the Marshallese way and that's how we been taught by our elders...
  • May we all peacefully close this thread.
  • I agree. I'm a Pohnpeian and find this thread to be ridiculously outrageous. My ancestors came from Marshall, unfortunately they were women who carried our clan's name to Pohnpei. These women married into other Pohnpeian clans and today we carry that blood. As far as I am concerned, I'm pure blood Pohnpeian and I never once heard my clan invading Pohnpei at one point. I think it is time you all rest your childlike attitudes and learn that we are all damn Micronesians begging money from Uncle Sam.
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    In the past Marshallese have attacked Chuuk,Pohnpei,Kapainkamaranki,Mokilowa,Pinglep and kosrae. This war on this islands were not sneak attacks but full blown war of conquuest . For example Mokillowa was repeatedly attacked by Marshallese untill it finally fell. Kapainkamaranki is a also a good example,4 Marshallese Walaps(War canoes) carrying 40-50 warriors each landed on kapainkamaranki and for three days those marshallese did nothing but on the fourth day they attacked and in less then 2 days all of kapinkamaranki and its outlying atolls fell to the Marshallese,it was the kapingans who sued for peace by offering coconuts has their token of defeat,The Spanish government interfeered and sent soldier's to force the Marshallese into leaving kapinkamaranki. Another example is Pinglep, chief Kabua sent out war parties to conquer that island and pinglep would have fell to marshallese but the missionaries convinced kabua to stop his warmongering. Last but greatest of all Marshallese conquest is Ujelahng atoll,ujelahng atoll once belonged to pohnpei but it fell to marshallese and till this day that atoll belong to Marshallese but its people are of pohnpeian/Mokilese/pinglepese descend but ruled by Marshallese chief of Ralik-Rak.

    In Polynesia the Tongans were the conquerors and fierce warriors,the Tongans made lasting unfluence in those they conquered. In Micronesia it was the Marshallese who did the conquering and made influences on those whom they conquered.
  • Are sure Reaper ?? We Chuukese nvr heard of no Marshalese attacking our islands in our history books??
  • Reaper,.. Very interesting history  your sharing.. I, myself, have heard those same account before  from my resident advisor when I was enrolled at HJCC. At one time, this Tongan high chief's son introduced himself to us Marshallese  at this bar by the airport, Honolulu, calling us his good friends because history went down that Marshallese warriors were allies to the Tongans during those ancient war times, which eventually made his Knigdom Tonga what it is today.. This is just a part of history that I would share just the sake of  history sharing... Happy Friday you all!.
  • Pride is also a sin you know. My ancestors were peaceful cause they were civilized but yours ancestors from marshalls were warlike cause they were uncivilized and barbaric people.
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    Chuuk or truk were also on the Menu and have been visited by Marshallese either Friendly visits or hostile. Ever wonder why some of your chuukese legends bare similarities to Marshallese. Remember that chuuk wasn't the only name the list but one name on a long list.
  • Pawnstar
    Say what ever you like but we know what's what.
  • Pride is also a sin you know. My ancestors were peaceful cause they were civilized but yours ancestors from marshalls were warlike cause they were uncivilized and barbaric people.
    as Much as i know...
    you are wrong we weren't uncivilized... 
    these are the written accounts of Russian and German traders who came to the islands, one of these which is an excerpt from Hernsheim's 1886 description of the "capacity of marshallese Canoes to 'reach the speed of of our Best whaling ship'".
    -Also they note that the marshallese had strategies of assemblage in which 10-12 canoes would form a line 30-40 miles long, without ever losing each other.
    -The marshallese navigational system was reported to rival the navigating system of the ribelle (foreigners) in this case the German and the Russian, because it not only pin points each islands in their exact location, but it also shows which current is which, and which ocean current takes you to which island faster. these were called  the stick charts.
    -digging pits and heating stones to steaming salt water so the water can be collected as drinkable water, and what is left in the heated pit of stones are the salt which were too heavy to be carried by the steam. The salts are then used as preservatives for foods.

    an uncivilized 'nation' couldn't come up with these inventions and innovations...

    sources:Micronesian History; author(s); Nicholas J. Goetzfridt & Karen M. Peacock      pg. 208
    sources:Essays on The Marshallese Past; Marshallese Canoes (General Editor: Dirk HR Spennemann)

  • Well Reaper, our ancesters moved here from the east, perhaps they were pohnpeian, kosraean or even marshalese nd above it all we all moved to our present islands location from the east nd then south.
    But yeh i would think they visited the outer islands or even fouth with the outer islanders, main islanders? I wouldnt think so.
  • Your islands either outer islands or main islands have been visited and attacked by marshallese same goes for kosrae and pohnpei and their outer islands . LI've with it.
  • Reaper yhu really make it seems as if yhu really know the warrior that went to war in our islands. If yhu do, whats his name ???? Really??? grow up !! Chuuk was nvr nd let me rephrase NEVER attacked by Marshallese. Try asking yhur local historians, even they know because its a fact not a dream like what yhu always dreamed of.
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    its in our stories and roro's(chants)that chuuk was on at one point attacked by Armej-in-lolelaplap/Ri-Aelong kein(Now known as Marshallese). The name chuuk is NEW! In Marshallese CHANTS and LORE your your islands are called RUK! From those days(past)you chuukese were known by US Ri-Lolelaplap(Marshallese) as Armej in RUK or Ri-RuK till this very day we still call and refer to you chuukese as RI-RUK or Armej-IN-RUK. I don't have to explain this cause even the Missionaries that were in RUK at this time wrote in their JOURNALS and DIARIES that Marshallese attacked chuuk/RUK and these diaries are in the Bishop museum in Honolulu Hawaii and The Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C.
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    The supreme deity in Marshallese lore and believe was LOA.
  • We know the history to our names or the name of our island group, but we dnt have such history of Marshallese attcking our ancestors or waging war on Chuuk.
    If yhu knw history nd how to putt together puzzles in history to get a conclusion then yhu should know that the island of Woleai in Yap is home to Chuukese, due to location they have become a municipility of Yap. But get this, the Marshallese claim they fought with Woleaians nd won. So dont yhu think that because yhur ancestors fought with them Woleaians nd won the fight, yhu guys think nd feel the whole group of island fell to Marshallese people.
    Today yhu will ask a woleaian where he or she is from they will simply reply nd say Yap, but when they speak their native toungue, they are simply speaking Chuukese. Their lgends of origin state that they are from bigger islands from the east which is Chuuk.

    Kilisou Chapwur*
    Thank you*
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    The supreme deity in Marshallese lore and believe was LOA.
    Loa? i assume thats a cognate of the Polynesian Sea-creator God "TagaLoa' or the tongan God TangaLoa'

  • Isokelekel was not a Marshallese.

  • Now that Machew knows, I have no right to speak on behalf of the chiefs of all places.

  • Thank you Kersamin for your clarification and I am very proud to be from the sopunipi clan....SO THIS THREAD SHOULD BE CLOSED!!!

  • Onophat sent down his son from the heavens....
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    image Pohnpeian legend recounts
    that the Saudeleur rulers, the first to bring government to Pohnpei,
    were of foreign origin. The Saudeleur centralized form of absolute
    rule is characterized in Pohnpeian legend as becoming increasingly
    oppressive over several generations. Arbitrary and onerous demands,
    as well as a reputation for offending Pohnpeian deities, sowed
    resentment among Pohnpeians. The Saudeleur Dynasty ended with the
    invasion of Isokelekel,
    another semi-mythical foreigner, who replaced the Saudeleur rule with
    the more decentralized 
    nahnmwarki system
    in existence today ..eian legend rec
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    Isokelekel was originally from Pohnpei. His father raised him somewhere else and sent him back to Pohnpei to avenge what Saudeleur did to him. So his return was really to avenge and take over the throne....isn't that a little bit true?

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    lol...interesting history of Pohnpei. You can ask your historians about that. 

    I've sailed the seven seas...I've seen the seven thrones...I've been thrown around several times.
  • Isokelekel was originally from kataupeidak, which is now known to be Kosrae. He was never from Marshall..
  • Greatness inspires envy, envy egenders spite, spite spawns lies .
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