• Pohnpeian are bigger and stonger..!! :)) you guys make me laugh.... a matter of fact you pohnpeian are the faggots of micronesia X_X ^:)^
  • Yep, classic symptoms of nuclear fall out......
  • xectms
    I don't need no gatz to take out a pig or a punk!
    ok whoami, the word warriors is not a good description.. lets just say that your four fathers avoided the KILLERS from Pohnpei and settled for the smaller outer islands.
    You got that right! Warriors is to high a standard for pohnpei. Preys fit pohnpeis description. Pohnpei's history is all about pohnpeians losing to outsiders!
    To the contrary jwrs, his forefathers did not avoid Pohnpei. As a matter of fact, there is scientific data that they were chased out. My only conclusion is that because they were too small to challenge the bigger and stronger Pohnpeians. We are of the same race, but they are of the pygmy gene.
    Only scientific knowledge you have is Malice and spite. Melanesians were the original inhabitants of kosrae and pohnpei but the warlike and aggressive seafaring people of Marshall's and Kiribati chased them out to western Micronesia. That is why kiriabtese and marshallese always have influence in pohnpei. We came back and free pohnpeians from the saudeleurs. Nomads and Vikings of the pacific marshallese are called cause we traveled to any islands in Easter Micronesia either pohnpei,kosrse,mokil,kapingamarangi,Nokuro,chuuk and pinglep but were never opposed. When your forefathers sailed towards our home islands they were butchered. You have big islands and small hearts and no guts. Small may be our islands but it has men with big hearts and balls that are bigger then both yours combined.
    Yep, classic symptoms of nuclear fall out......
    Nuclear winds brought radiation to your islands also but only we Marshallese got compensated. Why? Your leaders and people were too dumb to take notice.
  • Whoami,

    "gatz"?  LOL.  Pretty funny there, "G"....
  • Whoami,

    I'm just realizing from your other posts that you're probably nothing more than a snot-nosed kid bucking up for a homeland you've never been to.  Your pride in being Marshallese is admirable but the whole "g-thug" thing is a bit much.  Do yourself a favor, do something productive with your life.

    I gotta give it to you- you had me going for a second there. 
  • same goes for the 30 ought six "B".

    "LOL" is a thing only girls or feminine dudes use.
  • Only those who play allot of modern warfare and never been down range play the gun card in the virtual world. Ive just got back from RnR from the home islands and boy it was a blast. Give me your address so I can sent you some souvenirs.
  • .30-06 a feminine weapon?  LOL.. wow you really "know" your weapons... and you're an infantryman?  I guess the .308 is all you've fired in a bolt-action?  Try the .30-06 or .300W and you'll see what a feminine round really feels like.  

    I'm going to stop here.  Take it easy.  

    btw... I don't play video games- those things will rot your brain.
  • "LOL" like I said is a chick thing. Same goes for naming weapon systems you only fired in video games.

    Go Google type in 11Bravo that will show you what I do.
  • Hey if you take the ASVAB again, you might be able to improve your GT and qualify for something other than 11Bang-bang. 
  • No offense to 11B's out there, of course.  I went to PLDC with an 11B way back when named Tarpley.  He was a pretty sharp kid... not like some... LOL LOL LOL (you like that?)
  • Ok...

    I think I've gone too far here.  I have relatives, who are still in, that are in combat arms.  To put yourself in harms way is a choice I am not going to insult.  What you do is a dangerous job, it's one very few are willing to do and I tip my hat to you for that.  You deserve an apology for the shitty remark above and I am offering it up.

    I'm going to bow out of this.  This serves no purpose and is in no way, productive.  I've wasted enough of my time and your time here.  Sorry, folks.
  • Whoaml, if I were you I'd stop the debate with xectms if I were you.  Xectms is a dude that was with the NATO peacekeeping forces in areas of conflict that would make your legs turn to jelly.

    This is a dude that aced the COM entrance test, aced as in 100% in the alloted time for the test.

    Don't go toe-to-toe with xectms, he has been places and done things that we only watch in movies.
  • Farmer,

    Dude... I don't know what I'm doing.  I think the heat and the boredom are getting to me.  What am I doing posting crap, like I have been, in this thread?  Thanks for jumping in there.  I appreciate the words but I don't think buying beer in Sarajevo would make legs turn to Jelly, more like brains turn to mush (it's was rancid beer but did the job)- we were knuckleheads.  LOL (I don't think it's feminine.. it might be lazy but not feminine)


    If you find yourself downrange again, stay safe.  Despite, the nasty exchange in here, I sincerely hope you guys are safe when you do get the tap on the shoulder.
  • edited May 2013
    Dude I also apologize for any words that I have said that being said don't be calling me no 11bang bang you didn't earn the right to use that term. Again I apologize.
  • edited May 2013
    We should stop before we write anything that neither will benefit you nor anyone. Anything that may cause hatred among us. We should learn from the mistakes of our forefathers and forgive each other. How do you expect us to become a better nation when all we do is criticize one another?
    And again I say, if you have nothing good to say, then keep your mouth shut! And stop spreading hatred'

  • alcoholics???? that's funny coming from a a dump roach. If you wana see alcoholism at its worst go to chuuk and look at your family.
  • that's right you roaches drink mud and us Pohnpeians enjoy our sakau. Look "blaze" im not trying to scare you, cause i already know that your a pus**. But if any one talk shit about Pohnpei, I will defend her. Im sure you would defend chuuk if some one was talking bad about her nasty ass.
    Peace bro!!
  • Whoami,

    ...the bang-bang remark.. I got carried away, sorry.  I caught myself though.. that counts for something, doesn't it?

    The next time I'm in Hawaii, I'll look you up.   If you're ever in the Ft. Stewart area do the same.  Beer will be on me.

    I go home in 26 days.  I hope I never see this god-forsaken place again.  If you guys get called up again before this shit wraps up, flip that switch and go back into asshole mode, dude.  Give em' hell.

  • Proud of our mud. Take a nightly walk around Majuro and you'll notice that our influence is all over with your people drinking our mud, more like our rejected mud. lol
  • Language is not inherited, its learned !! Nobody can really say where nd when dis nd dat happened, who nd who did dis nd dat. What we can do more is listen more to traditional stories nd lgends bout our history.
  • Blaze/Folueisomw, please hang up here and go "brake brake" and chat with them kuopese. This aint your concern.
  • chaiwak-kuop race? ooh you scarring me, NOT!!! Go suck on your mama's and grand mama's left nut, you idiot! your clan can suck my you know what!
  • Blaze, you have no business meddling with this discussion and you came in with your arrogance. Fine join the discussion and tell me the positive things about your Chuukese history.
  • These kinds of threads usually ends up like this....causing disharmony, dissension among our little islands. I suppose if we are still living in the past, then the Italians (Roman Empire) should be boasting about when they ruled the civilized World back in the days...or the Mongols, who conquered the known world back then, now they are just a small country next to the more powerful and influential China.

    Why don't we talked about something worthwhile that would help our small, tiny islands....We all got chased out of somewhere (Malaysia, PNG, Indonesia, PI, etc.,)....that's why we're on these tiny islands. Let's talk about climate change....peace.
  • LOL@Marshallese foretelling the legends of Pohnpei. 

    Yep.  You all need a break from your story versions of my island.  Obviously, reading through, none of yours come close to the real legend of Isokelekel.  Isokelekel is Pohnpeian since birth.  As a young man, he was exiled to Kosrae by the reigning Saudeleur then.  He eventually came back to Pohnpei for revenge.  Upon his success on dethroning Saudeleur, he became the first Nanmwarki of Madolenhimw.  He is from the DipwinPahnmei clan of Pohnpei and yes, he spoke Pohnpeian.  Not Marshallese.  LMFAO!
  • Who cares of pohnpeian history we don't want anything of it because its all bullcrap and F**k Isokelkel....We don't want anything with people that drink mud and eat dog....
  • And we don't want anything to do with Zombies looking guinea pigs....
  • Freedom of speech kinen. Its my own choice not yhurs. Thnk yhu. Kpwng ngnk happy sunday.
  • Blaze yhu watch too much lord of the ring.
    Try watching the hobbit.
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