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    Your posting in the wrong Forum...We are Micronesians you are as you Stated in previous Treads...Not Micronesian but Marshalles OR RI Majol.RMI'S which country is thta is on the globe...Not sure who you are on the globe. 

  • Hahhahha the Marshallese have landed and the situation is well in hand......DEAL with IT!

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  • intresting, i want to visit the marshall islands one day..i saw it on tv...a show about bikini atoll i like that they ride their canoes, and they have alot of types of canoes..and the language is intresting too..heard some marshallese songs, like justin beiber's never except in marshallese version..
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  • War rar,
    Kom lukul kajak la maro!! heheh
  • Hey the Marshall Island is located in the Micronesia Region in Pacific and so we are too micronesian. Micronesia Region stretch from the Mariana islands and Palau in the northwest to the Nauru and kiribati islands down Southeast.So,that make us part of Micronesia and that tell us that we're Micronesian too just like Hawaii and Samoa to be Polynesia because of their geographic location.
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    Although this thread is on Marshallese Royal Family, I would just like to clarify some things mentioned about the FSM that are not accurate.

    I think much of the FSM holds on to their cultural value, whether good or bad, they still do. 

    Pohnpei and Yap strongly exercise the power of their traditioal chiefs and has high recognition and respect in their respective communities. Their voices are heard and their highly respected.

    Chuuk and Kosrae may not be as great, but within the communities there are cultural practices that one must always abide by at all times. Just that most people who come to Chuuk or Kosrae stay within the confined cetral activities in town, let's say.

  • Marshallese are micronesians. in the pacific you are classified as either polynesian, melanesian, micronesian, or australian. anyways we come from one pacific!
    -now back to the real discussion, yes the marshallese kings and queens (irooj and lerooj) still exists. i should know this as my father is the eldest son of (iroojlaplap) manini kabua who is the eldest son of (iroojlaplap) joba kabua who is the eldest son of (iroojlaplap) lojelok kabua, thus making me a direct descendant of Kabua Kabua the Great. 
    so there you have it proof that the marshallese still have their kings and queens. and the reason why was because the marshallese loved their leaders and respected them. growing up i was taught that almost all the kings (my grandfathers) served and loved their people, much as the people served and loved them.
    Pbien16 just cause the father or the fathers father was a chief it dont automatically makes a person a chief. Our titles,lands and inheritance we get them thru our mother. Marshall islands is a matrelinage society, it means the bloodline and linage is inherited from a women. To be a irooj Biio/irooj lap lap(Paramount Chief) both parents must be pure blooded chiefs. Only in ratak will you find a chief that is of pure blood pedigree. The kabuas are not of pure blood no more,their blood has been mixed with common(ri-jerbal) blood. The loeks who are of the same family as the kabuas still have their pedigree. The loeaks should be the leaders of the ralik cause their chiefly blood is still intact while the kabuas have lost their AO(sacred rights)they are half blood and the young generation of kabuas now days are only kabuas in name only cause the newest generation of kabuas nowadays their blood is so diluted their blood is called berkat(mud)blood.
  • Just cause your father is the son of a chief it don't automatically make you or your dad chiefs too. It all depends if your grandfather married a chiefess or your dad married another chiefess. Plus the title won't be inherited thru you dad but thru your mother.
    If your mother is a commoner and your father is a chief then you will be a will only be a chief in name only but you have inherited the commoners title if your mother is a commoner. The kabuas are trying to change our customs by trying to switching Marshallese customs from a matrelinage to patrelinege one. They now want to make RMI a society that bloodlines inheritance and title pass from father to children. Why cause they want the titles and authority to remain with them. They want to change our Manit(customs) all because of money. That is why I said we should get rid of the house chiefs in the government,get rid of the chiefly system in both Ratak&Ralik chain.
  • And who is gonna get rid of them? You Stonez!? It was thru war that irooj laplap kabua won the right to be the paramount chief of the Ralik chain! A war was fought between the royal clans and the kabuas won, it was your freaking clan the mokauleej's who were his strongest supporter's back in the days and still now to this day that the kabua's are supported by your clan. Would your clan oust them now days??? NO they will not! No one would even support you now. Know your place Stonez!
  • Its not gonna happen because marshallese do love their manit and its vested in our connstitution. Stonez in ayways, is right about the matrelinage society. These Islands belongs to women, highest authority comes from the women, and both Loeak and Kabua inherited their power from their mother through their mothers clan ( irooj clan). Kabua or Loeak did not fight for these islands in the ralik, they inherited the power thru their great grantfather irojlaplap  Laninni of the irooj clan who happened to be the  younger brother of their great,great,grandmother .. the two clans who fought  for these islands wer of the Irooj clan  vs the Jemeluit combine with the Tilan clans which began at Kwajalein atoll and ended at Ebon Atoll and the Irooj won that war to becam the paramount cheif of the Ralik chain.. Irojlaplap Laninni, his mother of the Irooj chief clan and his father of the Errubra of the Irooj chiefly clans of Namdrik.. this is the only war for the Ralik chain, and it was waged by the Jemeluit but lost...
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    Actually both my mother and father is from a royal family. My mother has no jowi because she is the great granddaughter of Leroj Rebeka. My mothers grandmother, (jirep) is my dads grand mother (jauni) older sister. So
    Technically my mother and father are cousins because they both come from the Same great grandmother who is Rebeka.
    Joba was my fathers grandfather.
  • When joba was about to get married, his mother stopped the marriage and told her servants to set sail to Rebekas island and bring back a daughter of Rebeka so that the daughter of Rebeka and joba could get married. When they went to the island all the daughters of Rebeka has already been married. Except for one which was the youngest (jauni). So they brought Bubu Jauni back, and at the time she was at the age of 8 - 10. So they waited until she was 20. Thus they got married and their first-born was manini Kabua. Who is my grandfather.
  • I am no bwirak. And I don't want our customs to simply vanish and die out. Our islands have held the traditions long enough even till this day. And let's not corrupt it! Last thing I want is to see a marshallese unable to understand a single marshallese word because he wasn't taught to speak it.
  •  Ekwe, ne eniin, ejelok kajitok ke kwe lukkun bieo an ilju im jeklaj.. kojele, unin an kar Loeak im Kabua kar kejbarok lerooj  Rebeka,  bwe jowi eo aerro en jab lot.. and you are a living proof of their wishes.. ijele kajeen Lerooj in jinen aolep jowi in irooj ro rej mour rainin, kainne am.. etan jowi ne am in irooj aka irooj in ijidrik im kwon jab ba bwe  ejelok am jowi  bwe elon, etan in irooj.. Ij erre ibbam ke jenjab meloklok kajin im manit in ad.. komol kin am kwalok won kwe..kejbaroj wot im anij ibben bamle ne am..

  • I am not a fan of that word "Servant.!!" it is disgrace to even use in here. 
  • The clan which Rebecca belong to lost the war and were displaced by the Kabuas. Rebecca's family and the Kabuas are of the same lineage but different branches. Rebecca's clan and Kabuas clan came from two women who were sisters, Rebecca's clan or bwij is older then the kabuas. The kabuas challenged them for dominance and a war was fought between this two clan. The kabuas eventually won the war and in doing so displaced the clan which Rebecca is from. The clan which Rebecca belong to is called Irooj. The irooj clan lost their titles and chiefly status when they lost the war of "Kabjen karkar Jen Lon Nan lal". That is why the clan which Rebecca is from Ejibakwe(displaces) no longer are they threated as chiefs and no tributes and homage is given to them.
  • You two need an arbitrator or mediation to solve your clan discussion. Sound like you people are still fighting over the land in Laura im bar land eo ilo turul bij en!!
  • Kom ro eal im lebba bwadjik!! lol
  • Stonez e, eniwot ejjab mool melel kane am.. unin ao ba kinke Rebeka im Kabua rej jen juon wot jowi etan jowi eo aerro irooj im eben aero tarinae ik droon.. bwebwenato ne am, raar ejaak ilo riab.. konaj kajitok ibben alap rane ritto rane.. riab, ear ejelok bata kotaan  jowi ne an irooj.. ilo jikin ekajet ne an rimajol.. jowi ne ej mottan jowi in iroj ko ilo majol.. only five of them.. etal im lale mokta jen am  post bwe mool eo ne..etal nan site ne an court ilo majol.. im katak mokta..


  • No worry, I understand every freaking words you guys say on Micsem. Yeah, you're worry that the court will know? what's up with that...if you don't want anyone to know, why discussing on Micsem. bwe bwe! lol
  • sse2, etal im kan lokan jinom. ejelok an bebe tok ijin kwe nejin eo ejerwaan jaje manit im ejelok an manit.. lokon  lelap eo kwaar waloktok jene.. eman mwejen wod ne an kora in bamle eo am..kommoltata!

  • Chaninway, Rebecca ejibakwe. Rar kobata ien ko jemaan Im raar loosy kobata eo. Leo nejin Rebecca ar ton bar komman kobata be ron bar bok taitol eo kar aer ak rebbeca ar ba enjab. Emoj an jowi ne irooj jibakwe. Lake mok k kabua Rani relak kar bok taitol ne. Ak ilo mool k kar jowi be an Rebecca ej kar jowi eo me ej irooj ak emoj an Rani nejin I'm jibun kabua oktak im bok taitol do Karen aer.
  •  Stonez, Kojele ke etan jowi eo an Kabua?.. ijele ke kojaje. mool ke?.. unin an kar leroj jinen Amata im Joba kar etal nan Kwajalein bwe en  kakobaik Joba ibben kora eo nejin lerooj Rebeka , im kin  wewen in aer koman bwe en walok bieo, aolep ajiri ro nejin Joba im  kora eo nejin unin an Rebeka ba ladik eo nejin enjab , kinke ledrik eo jatun im ajiri ro nejierro... Bar kajitok kojel ke etan jowi eo an Loeak im Kabau?




  • OAh emoj aer jibakwe! Does it matter? Inaak etan jowi kani an armej Rani bwe innak kajeer. Ak ijela k emoj an rebekka im jowi eo an jibakwe. Ejjab be eo iar kajibakweiki armej Rani. Ro nejin nejin I'm jibun rebbeka roknaan bwe ron bar irooj ask ne roknaan men in Ren bok Nan court I'm jumae kabua rani be ejjab ron komman kobata. Ekkotaier wot men in.
  • Kinke unin ad komelel, ejjab melel waan menkein, im jenjab ba komlele wot ak jen lukun melel kake  mokta jen ad koman bok.. ak ej  emman wot, bwe kio, inaj kwalok nan kwe ke etan jowi eo an Loeak im Kabua ne irooj, ej jowi eo an  Rebeka im bamle eo an rainin.. ilo majol jowi ne irooj ej jowi eo utiejtat maron eo an ilo majol... Rebeka jen bwij eo eritto, ej make wot iaan, im ear ritpolok ibben bwij eo erdiklok me, bwij eo an Loeak im kabua.. aet mool kotaan wot bwij kein nmenin, ak nan wot ad melel lok jidik. jej komeleik droojn im nan uaak kajitok in an topic in.. eat ej mour wot jowi in an irojlaplap ro..
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  • Ah inaj eddre lok ibben stonez bwe emoj an lot bwij in Iroij eo an Ralik im bwe Iroijlaplap an Ralik eliktata  ekar jemlok ibben kar Iroijlaplap kabua kabua eo me ekar jako ilo kar mid 90's eo. Im bwe ilo lukkun mol e lot Iroijlaplap an Ralik im bwe lukkun Iroij ro erran ilo Ratak. Kememej bwe title kein im maron kein rej walok tok jen kora ( Matrilineal) im ekar jen jinoin jen ien ko etto non kio Im bwe Iroij ro ilo Ralik kio rej Iroij bweio im Bwirak im bwe emoj an jako lukkun Iroijlaplap ro an Ralik kio.. Elon ruo (2) kain bwij in Iroij ko, im rej IROIJ IN BWIJ im IROIJ IN BOTOKTOK . Im bwe Iroij in bwij ej walok tok jen maron im bwij an Jined ak Kora ro( matrilineal) im eo juon ej Iroij in botoktok eo ej walok jen Iroij emman ak Jemed ( Patrillineal) ak emaron etal title in non bar kora...ILo Iroij in botoktok ej walok jen tarinae (Warefare)... Bwe Bwij in Iroij in botoktok ekka an walok ilo Ratak kan ilo aelon ko ilo Ratak Rak einwot Majuro,Arno, Mili im Mejit im bareinwot Airok Maloelap. Bwe  lukun Iroijlaplap ekka an walok tok jen BWIJ in IROIJ ( Matrilineal) elane jinen im jemen rej both Iroij, im bwe aolep Iroij ro an Ralik im Ratak rar walok jen Ruo kora ( sisters) etaer in Liwatuonmour im Lidepdepju..Ilo bwebwenato kein ad ej kwalok ke kora kein rar itok jen ailon in EB im kar jikroktok ilo ailon in Ero island ilo Kwaijlein im ijo ekar walok aolep bwij kein ilo Majol. Jen enen Ero island ilo kwajlein kora ro ruo rar jeplok im juon ear etal non Namo Atoll ijo Iroij ro an Ralik rej walok jen ie im kora eo juon ekar etal non Aur ilo Ratak kan im ej ijo ej walok Iroij ro an Ratak...Enin ej weein an walok Iroij ro ilo Majol...

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