FSM is a disgusting place: Its people are filthy



  • 1st I am proud to be CHUUKESE 
    2nd I am proud to be FSMicronesian

    Now, what is all these about filth and disgust about our islands ? Look around your houses or villages before you start blabbing your pie holes. Again, because i am part Belauan from Angaur, i will agree with this thread because Belau  has the most beautiful and scenic islands. But i will not stoop down and belittle my Micronesian islands and brothers and sisters with silly comments comparing which are better looking or developed because all these are just childish comments. Because i am a God-fearing and mature adult i won't even compare Saipan to the other islands in Micronesia ( im three-third chamorro also ) where it is obvious, even with our bad economy, that the CNMI is far better than FSM.

    I leave this thread with this: Love our islands, our brothers and sisters, our heritage so we can prove to everybody that we are proud of we are no matter our race, color or creed...
  • FACT CHECKING..RESULTS > Chuuk has Rivers, you can go in the heart lands you'll find Rivers. And, the landscapes nearby the downs people are just careless about the cleaniness, talking about Government wise..but, I'm sure the people of Chuuk are more clean than any FSM people, talking about the way they live.
  • what's with hating chuuk yakumo?  next sunday i urge you to go to church get your heart cleansed, and start fresh... stop your filthiness yakumo
  • PS People let's not talk about these kind of insults, only uneducated people did this kind of behaviors...aight?? (Y)
  • Yakumo, your name sounds and looks Japanese, following that line of thought, you should not have made such a comment as it is totally disrespectful and insulting.  After all, you should not have come to the FSM in the first place.  Why don't you just pack up and fly straight to your place of origin.
  • However, Yakumo, let's just keep at watch and see if what you have brought about on this forum would change for the better.

  • Disgusting?? At least it's not digrosting, or fu**ing disgusting!

  • So the word for last Sunday is, the valleys shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low, the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain. Its Christmas… maybe you should decide on which valley to fill up and which mountain to be made low. That mountain of hatred towards us the filthy disgusting animals of the FSM! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

  • yo Yakumo, can you please be precise to those areas, places, people, etc. so that the FSM future generation and us will figure something out and start Yakumo general clean-up week. people like you are rare, with your help and support FSM will become the cleanest and tidiest place on earth. here's a saying; "THE POWER IS YOURS!...
  • Yakomo, would you tell us (fsm people) where you are from so, we can learn from it?  I can tell you, YOU ARE THE MAN if you can provide that!
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    Yokumo, were your ancestors were the ones who robbed the indigenous people from the wealth and freedom in their land.  What makes you think your people are better than those who live their lives according to their desire and freedom.  The evolution of human geographical population of this world, we choosed these islands from the beginning while you were still infantilized from monkey and lately occupied those hostile lands for which you have polluted in scavenging for your selfish material needs. 
  • :-q...hey Yakumo...felt sorry for ya...not to mention that these forumers are coming at your arse my friend. you're on your own.

    n yes nemesis, you are one tough son of a gun my friend..i'll be damn...no offense, just plain defense here..heheheh
  • The problem with most of us today is that we pay too much attention on NEGATIVITY. Why? Nothing good comes out of it. Learn to ignore negative comments from negative people. So what if they call your island filthy? If what they say isn't true, then there is no need to respond or acknowledge what they say.
  • Lord! have mercy on these ppl, especially the accuser, Yakuza! oh i mean Yakumo!
  • Lol, defend myself against what? Nemesis, for all I care, my ancestors are from these islands. So I don't know what youre bashing about in regards to my ancestors robbing people of their wealth and freedom. Breathe, calm yourself down, and then write in such a way that your readers can understand your writing. I cannot help but laugh at what I see in front of my eyes. The human geographical population of this world, we choosed these islands in the beginning while you were still infantilized.....need I say more????...what on earth are you talking about? If I were to make an educated guess, you're probably a 3rd grader.  If I were you, I'd stick with simplicity so we can be on the same page as opposed to using words, and words that do not exist, that your tiny little brain knows not of. I do not like to attack forumers on a personal level, so hear me out...I AM AN FSMER, therefore my ancestors are of these islands. Just because my nickname is Japanese does not necessarily mean I'm Japanese. Are you hurt that I spoke the truth? Yes, maybe there are a few bad apples, but are you not from the Federated States of Micronesia? What now, you'd rather be known as a Yapese, Chuukese, Pohnpeian, or Kosraean simply because the name FSM has a stigma attached to it? My friend, open your eyes. We are a nation comprised of four states, if the direction you and your so called patriots of FSM want to take FSM into the future, you ought to act as ONE! Not as individual statesmen. Maybe I was wrong to be this straightforward, but nothing can be accomplished for a better FSM if its people act only on the interests of their states! 

    Lakidurdz, what's quite fascinating about this is that I can easily pick out which of you have little knowledge of what I am talking about. Maybe I need not elaborate on the topic at hand so your feelings are not hurt even more. I would hate so see you cry over something as trivial as this. Before I forget, I'd like to wish you both a merry xmas and a happy new year! Be nice...ho ho ho 
  • nice my friend Yakumo..above all of these posters, you choose me and Nemesis...it seems that we were very good at this...don't take my words for it Yak, what a coincidence, Yak and Lak, rhyme my friend...neways, just do your thang, there's nothing you can say or write that will offend me. talk all you want, it's all good, you will always be my friend...Merry Christmas and have a pleasant Happy New Year Yakumo...stay fly for me will ya!.. \m/
  • You guys! He is a fag student studying in Yakumo, Hokkaido, Japan.  He thinks he can fool us.  Can someone check for his scholarship application and dash it in the trash. ha,ha, ha.
  • "FSM is a disgusting place: Its people are filthy." How so? I am not a FSM person. But isn't this a generalization?

    The same can be said of any other place on earth and probably could be true to some extent. Today is December 15, 2012, one day after a young man shoots 20 children and 7 adults at a school in a quiet little town in Connecticut. Can we say that the US is a disgusting, filthy place because of the disgusting and filthy things a disturbed young man did?

    Our homes are not all perfect, but we set aside the nasty, brutish things that are done there and do the best we can do improve all the rest. One of the good things we can do is to find those the places as well as the times that the place and the people shine and teach us that the is world is beautiful. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and know some wonderful Chuukese, Pohnpeians, Yapese, Kosraeans who work hard and sacrifice for their families and work to improve the lot of their respective communities. They are generally well-rounded, wonderful human beings. And I often wonder what beautiful cultures, families, and places they came from that produced such exemplary models of human beings that they are.

    I am sure that there are packets of places throughout FSM where basic survival is difficult and challenging. Many of the underlying reasons that this is the case is there are structural limitations militating against making things better. The responsible thing to do is ask what these limitations are and to try to reform them, too ask how things can be improved and what the steps are for making those improvements possible.

    Innate in man's are potentials to be both evil and good. The humane thing to do is to focus on identifying that the good is, how to highlight what is good, and what can be done to improve the good.

    A society's leaders (elected, traditional including community, church, school, women, youth leaders) and the rest of the community have a responsibility to identify and magnify what is good in a society with a view toward creating qualitatively better communities.

    I am originally from Belau (Palau) but I have lived in the US mainland and Hawaii for many years. I commend my FSM friends for doing their best to improve their societies and I pray that you will all continue to work together to improve your communities.

    My own island nation of Belau is not the perfect society. We've had many instances of man's inhumanity to others. Our leaders (both traditional and elected) as as much guilty as others of leading us astray. But we hope against hopelessness always that in spite of these challenges, that we continue to work for our collective betterment.

    My dear FSM friends, I wish you all the best and pray that God will guide and inspire you with the insight to serve as able community leaders and the wisdom find common grounds on which every one of you can work together to make your communities better places. These are are challenges as well in Belau, so our prayers are nearly the same.

    God bless you all.

    richard salvador

  • While Yakucha is right partly right is her/his assesment of the cleaniless of our islands. I like to point to his /her nose the stink of the cities which we don't have in our islands. Every major city in world, yousee people sleeping on the dirty streets at nites, and eat from the trash cans during the days. We don't have that on our islands.

    People in these so call beautiful cities are breating poison air daily, they are dying by breathing poison air and by exposing themselves to acid rain. Yau-tang needs to go back where he/she came from and help to safe the people from their poison enviroment.

  • Thank Richard and hope that is what all FSMes thinks. God bless.
  • =D>...i think yakumo is on the run...i'll be on the look-out...not too shabby fellow forumers
  • yep! and we should also try to keep this communication tool (micsem) from being over polluted with filthy and unfitting stuff. my half cent. cheers!
  • I wish all fsmers could think like Richard.  Palauans are positive thinking people and you can see the difference if you been to Palau.
  • I'd like to echo what my friend nutcracker said. Why? well I've been to Palau several times and what really impressed me is when one day while parking along side of the main road, this car came passed me where I had been parking, all of sudden this car started to blink its right side signal and yield to the side of the road and stopped. The driver of the vehicle got out with a black carbage plastic bag and started to pick some empty soft drink cans and other rubbishes from the side of the road and put them in the bag he had and then reached into his car and opened the trunk and put the bag and got back on the road and drove away. I just sat in my car and think what if all people from where I come from also have such mentality, it would really help in keeping our roads and shores clean and tidier than it is today.

    On a separate occation, while visiting Palau's Police and Sea Surveillance Boats dockside area, I was also stunned to notice that some of the Palau's Sea Patrol crews were cleaning the side of the dock with scoop nets. And man, I was so ashamed knowing that such practice is not happening at our sea patrol boats dockside area. I pretty optimistic that like manner contributes in the beauty and cleanliness of Palau. And I know any Palauan doing the good work not for personal gain but to help their country's objectives and goals to attain and lure outsiders to want to keep coming back to their country. In fact, all of my visits to this place I never once saw where they stored their waste or dump area.

    So, all my FSMers friends and relatives I challenge us to think like Palauan in terms of ensuring that our homelands clean and tidy by not waiting for someone or the government to do everything for us should we want to see a brighter and beautiful islands we have and start doing about our weak areas like what our Palau friends are doing to their country. My 1cent. Cheers!


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