I want to take this oppourtunity to thank the Governer of Yap, The honorable Robert A Ruecho for the noble things that his administration has done for the past 3 years, its seems everyone wants to remember the bad, and not the good. Lt. Governor Joeseph Habuchmai, though you leave this administration for whatever reason, I hope that some of us still remember your good deeds, and we will miss you. To all the new Candidates, the eyes and ears of the yapese people are wide open, make the right decisions, pull the right strings to get things done. The next 3 years will be under our watchful eyes, let our government be blessed with TRANSPARENCY, ACOUNTABILITY, AND ETHICS.


  • That's very true, I strongly agree to kaptalwach..... The three words mention were the most important three for the our leaders to abide. It a must for everyone....As far as our candidates, people all over yap and those leaving outside are very supportive in many ways...For sure this election is like a game. There's always a winner and a looser and for that, who ever wins must stick to his promise and the loosers must advise the winner in order for our canoe to move forward without getting blast by the big wave.....
  • Also my congratulations to all the newly elected leaders in our beautiful State of Yap. God speed!
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    My congratulations to the newly elected candidates may you make wise and better decisions for the State of Yap. To the Former Honorable Gov. Ruecho and Lt. Habuchmai. thank you for the all the good things that you have done during your time.
    To the people of Yap State let us all give full support to our leaders for we are the pillars of the state. without our support and everything there is no state. our leaders can not lead when there are no supporter nor followers. Let us all work together to make our state "Yap State a better State.
  • This to to announce to the public that this is the first time in the history of the governors of yap to serve for only four years and wheeled out.
  • I should also thank the current administration for not completing their plans of actions by which they promised their people to make it happen- be it of pay raise. Not only that but to also thank them for screwing up the plan for Gargey, which the COT and its planning committee had in place.
  • Regardless if it's 4 years or 8...We must be thankful of thier accomplishments and not let them leave thier office with out some dignity. Who's perfect.....NO ONE!
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