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why do we, micronesians, or people like to blame something?


  • sinner, we know the wrong we do, we just do not want to admit it. lol....just being childish
  • cuz, it's in da blood? this attitude had been passed down from generation to generation.
  • Employing the blame game is as common as posting non sense threads.

  • Admitting things is not easy.  Blaming others is the scapegoat for admit one's guilt.  People are naturally in defense mode when guilt enters their conscience.  Repent will clear up your conscience of that burden.
  • i strongly disagree that attitudes are passed from generation to generation...its a choice,,if ur parents love you then,,i guessed you should have been educated..lol,,lol,,or send to church,,,...no such thing,,as runs in the blood...if any animals can be tamed then,,why can humans be tamed..ehehehhe..same thing,,,if animals are bad,,either lock them up,,or terminate them,,,you get my point....lol
  • I would strongly advice you to be careful what you say under this thread!
    You will be perpetuating the reasons why many are failing.. they mistaken confidence with pride and being walked on as being humble!...

    I can truly say that we got a very good population of Micronesians in Hawaii but we failing big time.  Why because we so concern about how to be culturally correct that we fail to adjust to be able to compete in this new culture... too many intelligent young men an women who are so worried about how they are being viewed by others are stuck in their heads ... and not able to utilize their skills.  Because you keep telling them not to be better, not to acquire confidence and step up... be careful...

    Many times when i know I can do better than the person next to me, I hold back ~ instead of stepping up cuz I AM afraid of being wrong in other's eyes. AND YET, YOU ALL COMPLAINT ABOUT A SICK GOVERNMENT... GEEZ  MAKE UP your mind!

    Telling children to be the best and always give their best is not a bad thing.  One has to know how to tapper it... psychology today will help you in your confusion.  What worked yesterday can not work today!  Respect is a different issue, but if speaking up is not being respectful, then our culture is not being true and nurturing today!  A friend told me that many times he finds himself alone among non-micronesians because many refuse to go out there and mingle.  Learn and accept the differences!!!  Is that PRIDE or CONFIDENCE.  The same idea parents give bad names o children is the same with how you help them to be confident... not prideful, KNOW WHEN YOU DO KNOW YOU CAN COMPLETE AND GO FOR IT, and know WHEN to step down AND LET others take the torch and run for it... there is a difference.  Be careful!

    Like the word DEPRESSION ~ CONFIDENCE is also a hard topic for many.  figure that out!
  • Well,,being afraid and ashame is part of human"PRIDE". the basic principles from the Word of God is the key to success,,but every steps takes a lot of sacrificed, hope, patient, humble and all that...don't just spit out words,,act upon it,,if you failed either try a different step or keep pursuing,,,
  • tsk, tsk, tsk@sinner...attitude is a mechanism, one false move..kaboom, dnt tell me that genetics cannot be passed down?..for instance, banana will ALWAYS be banana...like father, like son and etc...u r an educated person sinner, dnt doubt urself...u have a great attitude...lol..
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